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GCSE: Personal Performances

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  1. Peer reviewed

    Psychology Character Analysis - Harry Potter

    3 star(s)

    He was the boy that escaped the evil wizard, Voledemort. Harry doesn't actually know what he has done to deserve all the praise from his peers and the wizarding community in general and he doesn't believe that he is worth all the attention he gets. Harry's problem is that his aunt, uncle and cousin put him down so much that he doesn't believe that anyone could actually like him. Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory best helps analyze Harry's problem. While he was living with the Dursleys they met his physiological needs, because they fed him, clothed him and gave him shelter, even though his room was a cupboard under the stairs.

    • Word count: 785
  2. The Sun and The Moon script.

    Do u know why? It is because of my power! Haha... W: WHAT? Your power? Of course not! Haven't u see when they are sleeping? They all have a good dream, and the Earth is sleeping comfortable. Z: You all are so troublesome,can u just give me a moment to take a rest? W: Okay, Earth. Let me give u some sunshine, so that u will feel comfortable. K: Get off! Sun. Let me give u a good night. W: No!

    • Word count: 445
  3. Drama journal entry. I have got an idea of writing a drama based on energy conservation. Below are the details of my proposal for a drama on this topic:

    Setting and characters I wish to do a drama with a fairy-like setting. The story happens in a country named Crystalia. Its name originated from a crystal pillar which generates electricity for the whole country. There will be three main characters in the designed drama. There will be a plump and extravagant Emperor, who should be a bad guy wasting resources in the country.

    • Word count: 511
  4. Video dating monologue

    record,back then I thought I was the coolest person in the world,(Body language looks proud)but now,well I just wish I had payed more attention(breath in to show stress).Oh and that criminal record,its nothing (Signs and dramtic pause)big,I just got into a big fight with a few of my mates,got done for abit GBH.(pace of voice increases) I didn't mean for it to go so far,I wasn't very social in school,abit of a loner really.

    • Word count: 659
  5. Drama terroism

    We were going to ride donkeys and maybe a horse and carriage thingy. 5: No darling that's Blackpool. We were going to eat like royalty there. 4: Yer, Harry Ramsay fish'n'chips! 5: We could of become millionaires, won the jackpot and stay there forever! 4: Yer, I wish we could have been just that 1-minute late. Then we just might have. 5: Sorry were rambling on lets just show you what happened. 4: Yes, lets. 5: We were carrying our cases onto the train. 4: We couldn't wait! 5: Yes, well SHE couldn't.

    • Word count: 993
  6. GCSE Drama Coursework A03 Unit 2 Documentary. The whole play is set in the East End of London, the characters are surrounded by concrete tower blocks, and their area is a constant dull grey. The opening scene describes the time of the year as Mid-Septembe

    The levels in each indicated how the confidence in Jake changed due to how much he feared the characters, and how little Polly differed at every entrance. As Natasha entered, the pair sprung apart, looking guilty by hanging their heads low and avoiding eye contact. Jake was hunched over slightly, not afraid of Natasha, but feeling insignificant, Polly, however, was in a neutral position, most likely because of the friendship that had been mentioned between her and Natasha. For Carol, the reaction was similar, but not as strong, showing her having a smaller affect on Jakes confidence, as Jake held a much stronger position.

    • Word count: 962
  7. Cross-Cutting Blood Brothers

    Then we started scene 2 with Adult Mickey pointing a gun to adult Eddie's head hurling the word "Friends?" at Eddie, Mickey then goes on to say "I could kill you! We were friends werent we? Blood Brothers wasn't it?" This shocks the audience as they have previously witnessed a scene in which young Mickey and Eddie's friendship was just begining to blossom and now they see how their friendship has detiriated during the years. We thought that by begining the scene with this shocking line it would make the audience start to think about what turned the relationship into such a hostile friendship.

    • Word count: 799
  8. How I Developed My Characters

    Although I had some good ideas to start with, those ideas have changed as the piece has progressed. Originally, I decided that the Bully I portray throughout the performance was going to be loud and boisterous, and she didn't care if she was caught because she would be more than happy with being excluded for a few days. This seemed like a good idea to start with.

    • Word count: 545
  9. Blue Remembered Hills - Part 1

    Blue Remembered Hills is the story of a group of seven, seven year olds on a summer holiday afternoon. They are: Angela, Audrey, Peter, John, Donald, Willie, and Raymond. It is set in the west of England, in the Forest of Dean in 1943. At this time Potter would have been around the same age as his character, implying the facts, language and storylines in the play could have been based on his own experiences. On the other hand, Blood Brothers is about a group of people from Liverpool in the 1960's to the 1980's.

    • Word count: 833
  10. Our performance was a socio-political play as we explored the social and legal implications of taking a foster child away from the home that she grew up in and giving her back to her biological mother at the mothers requests

    By creating these big characters they are thrust upon the audience and so the audience can't ignore what they're saying even if it makes them uncomfortable. We also chose not to perform in a naturalistic style as our plot spans over a larger period of time and in two separate houses and so we felt that the best way to do this without running the flow of the performance or distracting the audience would be too use two tables in order to represent the separate houses.

    • Word count: 766
  11. In our performance of Blood Brothers I play the narrator, a nameless, ageless omen of what is to come.

    We want our audience to question whether the difference between the social classes is right and we want the audience to have a strong emotional reaction to the characters' death at the end of the play which is why we have chosen to focus on the issues of social class and the tragedy of what happened. The Narrator has no name and is referred to only as 'narrator' in the script , this may be because the Narrator, whilst a constant presence, is their to guide the audience through the performance.

    • Word count: 613
  12. Blue Remembred Hills Role Of Peter

    Scene 13 opens with Peter appearing in his foul mood saying; "I'll get him, I'll bloody get him". If I was to play the role of Peter, when saying this I would have to show his real anger and resentment towards John. As Peter, I would empathize the word "bloody" and use an angry gesture such as punching the air or clenching a fist to show Peters annoyance. I would also pace to and throw from stage left to stage making it obvious to see that Peter's adrenaline from the previous fight scene is still present. When Peter realizes Donald is also in the old barn, he takes this as a perfect opportunity to regain some much need self esteem.

    • Word count: 997
  13. Drama final monologue. Ann (in a scary and different voice, says the words silently and slowly): theres a lot to be scared of Lucy, you didnt want to go home did you, then pay for your mistake

    I want to go home, please, I'm scared, please. (sobbing now) Lucy (annoyed): God Ann, stop being such a baby, there's nothing there. Don't tell me you're scared of the dark now. Sheesh, what's there to be scared of, see there's nothing there, stop acting like a baby, and let's play for a little while longer. (Shadows are suddenly behind Ann, whispering to her) Ann (in a scary and different voice, says the words silently and slowly): there's a lot to be scared of Lucy, you didn't want to go home did you, then pay for your mistake Lucy (scared

    • Word count: 742
  14. Our Town Script Report

    There are a couple of key points that foreshadow the occurrences in the following two acts. * Simon Stimson, the church organist, leads the church choir while drunk. The women gossip about him behind his back as Mr. Webb and the constable try to help him, but the organist wanders off. Mr. Webb wonders how Simon Stimson's situation will end, but concludes that nothing can be done for him or his addiction. * Emily Webb and George Gibbs are sitting at their windows (ladders)

    • Word count: 788
  15. Written concept of a personal performance of Mrs Iger, from Jim Cartwright's "Two".

    This makes her resentful towards Mr Iger, and so she imagines, in detail, the extent of a man completely the opposite of him - big, quiet, strong and brave. However, the fact that she does not have a "big man" suggests that it is something of a forbidden fantasy for her, which she does not fulfil but longs for. Therefore, I see her as very confident, which I will illustrate through her poise and posture - by making her sit up straight, with her legs crossed, and on moments when she asks questions (E.g.

    • Word count: 553
  16. Play script. One wish Scene 1- The argument!

    Daddy? / look at me when I'm talking to you! K- Dad? S- Can you not even hear your daughter calling you? She adores you, but you can't even see that because you're so self-obsessed! A- Don't start bringing her into it, you always do it's not fair! S- Don't even try to turn this around; you can't even stand me talking about our child now? A- I told you to leave her out of this; it's not her fault we argue! S- Yer But how many times have you promised to take her out?

    • Word count: 928
  17. Response This written assessment is based on the story of blood brothers.

    Suddenly the chief warrior staggered to his feet, looking up at the king with his bright blue eyes he shouted we did it!' This was then made into a movement in groups, no words were spoken just a strong used of facial expressions to set the mood. In my group we decided to interpret the music using my story-line, as everyone felt it was interesting and suited well. We used a sense of dance, mixed with passion making sure the whole space was used with interlinking between the characters body parts.

    • Word count: 953
  18. Part 1 Essay

    This is shown by the music, language and storyline of the films. Throughout Kidulthood there is swearing, violence, drugs and sex shown in dark and uneasy situations with a lot of tension and fear. It's naturalistic because it is shown in an ordered progressive way. It focuses on only one day in the life of teenagers. Juno is quite the opposite with no drugs or violence, but more about how different people, like Juno's parents and boyfriend, respond to her situation shown in a less dramatic, easy-going way. Juno is more non-naturalistic because it shows events in different orders with flashbacks.

    • Word count: 674
  19. Monologue in Jessica

    It's only after my constant demands that they finally take me to fitting accommodation. Why must I have to ask, can they not see from my stature, do they not know the Thomas name? Why do these things happen to me? I used to buy expensive things from the stores, the community knew, that was a common practice for me but these people, They make comment about how those things are expensive. Who cares about the price of the things?

    • Word count: 805
  20. monologue Ugh, Im not sleeping, I guess thats what happens to people who have the images that I have in my head, but I have no regret at all. Why should I?

    She begs for mercy, for her life. And you have a split second to decide: To save her, well that's great. You could give her life back, give her back to her family and friends, the people that love her. But to kill her... That's something different. To remove her from this earth, to take away the thing that's most value above all: Her life. Now that's real power. None of these girls deserved their lives. Look at them! None of them appreciated what they had.

    • Word count: 657
  21. Emily Davidsons Dairy CW

    New boots will not do, old boots will suffice my ability to move swiftly. To night is a night I can not put my head on my pillow and sleep the deepest and most peaceful sleep. I am full of anticipation and fear. I can not wait for tomorrow to be over. I hope my actions will bring to light finally the injustices that women have dealt with for centuries. I try not to think of the event, but like all heroic deeds the needs of the mind are forever interrupting my calm and reserved nature. I sit in quite contemplation and question the matter ahead of me.

    • Word count: 590
  22. drama personal statement

    We chose to abridge it as a musical and I played Lady Macbeth. It was my first major role in a performance and it was the turning point in my life. It was the point at which I decided that I wanted to pursue a career as an actress. I have never felt as alive as I did during both the preparation for and the actual performance of the play. There was a real sense of excitement and teamwork throughout the play and I felt completely at ease with my part Another performance that I particularly remember was my GCSE exam piece, "The Ark."

    • Word count: 901
  23. Character Assessment

    At pages 27-30. First I would give tall, Strong gestures. He should be portrayed as a strong character. With definite grasp on most situations. I base this on the fact that in the text he is referred to as a kind man. And on pg27 it refers to proctor as a kind of fraud. But then immediately states that none of this had come to the surface. He is also very well respected within the village because of his ' sharp and biting way with hypocrites' it says on pg27.

    • Word count: 643
  24. Comparative essay

    Another stimulus we used when creating our play, was the comedy television programme "Scrubs". "Scrubs" is set in a hospital called "Sacred Heart". In this, they mock, in a humorous way, hospitals, doctors and nurses. The difference between the two, however, is the date and timing. "Allo Allo" is set during the war, in the early 1900's, and a "Scrubs" is set in modern day America.

    • Word count: 511
  25. I heard It on the news

    Every member of the group wrote a monologue for their character, to show the thoughts, feelings and emotions, we kept the monologues short and effective, with a chorus of 'What's going on' at the end, as in certain parts of the play there is a large amount of in-depth dialogue. We wanted the acting scenes to appear as natural and realistic as possible, despite the very strong connection with the supernatural and extraordinary within. The viewpoints varied as time went on, and characters started to question the odd goings on around them, and their sanity regarding such things.

    • Word count: 807

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