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GCSE: Personal Performances

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  1. Junk - evaluation

    I think the sheet really helped us to understand what Tar was feeling. It gave us a brief view of the story so we could recognise the thoughts of the characters in the story. I think we got this sheet as an introduction to the topic that was set. Next I found that we were already starting on doing improvisations on Tar and his friends at the beach. We got into small groups and did an improvisation on the beach with Gemma, Tar and their friends. These had to include thought tracks. From this we learnt that Tar didn't like Gemma prying into his life and asking personal questions.

    • Word count: 894
  2. Evaluation of improvisation based on ‘The Bald Prima Donna’ – Ionescu

    Ian and I were a married couple in our 90's who said the same jokes everyday and carried out the same task's day in and day out. We used good body language by walking slowly and with our backs bent, also our voices were croaky. My partner and I decided to make our performance funny so we did a little dance, the fact that we were so old made it very humorous. This piece was purposeful as it related to the part where Mr and Mrs Martin play a little game where they forget who each other are.

    • Word count: 797
  3. Hard to Swallow

    For example: groups chose to show Mr Dunbar standing on a chair because he was head of the family. People used embraces to show the parents being protective of their children and the children being protective of their little sister Catherine. I hadn't realised before how close each of the family members was and these images with people with their arms around each other showed to me that they were. Facial expressions were very important in this exercise and they helped a lot to understand how happy the family was, also their physical contact showed unity. The mother and father's facial expressions showed how proud they were of their children I hadn't thought about them being proud of them before.

    • Word count: 616
  4. Drama Play - ‘Harry Gets Potted’

    That's when ghostly figures start flickering on the screen unnoticed by Harry. The images become clearer and more solid toward the end. He tries to talk to a girl that pushes past him but she disappears into a room and he opens the door to find it empty. The next girl that he meets is sitting on some stairs in the house, she seems surprised to see him "so soon" and he asks where the owner is. She says he's "upstairs, the highest you can go" Harry runs around and finally finds 'the man upstairs' sitting down tapping away on a laptop with the name block "GOD" on his desk.

    • Word count: 2676
  5. The Vanished Fiancée

    Sophie's role was of a friend to the bride, a mother to the bride and thoughts of the boyfriend who ran away with her. Lucy's role was fully of the bride who ran away because she was forced into doing the arranged marriage. Jamaine's role was of the boy friend and the barman at the party. Some of the feelings, issues and ideas we wanted to portray were jealousy when the bride and boyfriend met and she told him she had to get married and he thought it was him and it wasn't, and so he walked out feeling why she didn't want him.

    • Word count: 660
  6. Evaluation of preparation and improvisation based on a section from ‘Confusion’ by Alan Ayckbourne.

    We also acted out a normal scenario but it had a twist in it. We also done a scene in an office where we were just acting normally in an adult behaviour about a disagreement, but it gradually changed to children arguing. All this work helped to understand the issues of the play, as there was a twist in it and it all related to it. Work on characterisation After we got into groups and read a story from the book we took it in turns to go in the hot seat and be asked many questions about our character.

    • Word count: 652
  7. Improvisation assignment based on Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe

    Each one of the class chose a monologue he/or she would perform, and they formed a part of the improvisation exam. Using techniques learnt from the Moll Flanders workshop, our class then did a series of tableaux, involving scenes from a jail, stage coach, roman baths and a stately home. Splitting the class in two, our group consisted of myself, Liz S, Lol, Alex, Medir and Emma Marie. I found our group worked well together, though certain members had more ideas and were more dominating than others, but that was needed as part of the groups dynamic.

    • Word count: 1053
  8. Improvisation based on text : Charlotte O’Neil’s Song

    We used the same sequences as in the poem. We did a lot of preparatory work for this improvisation. We first discussed in our lesson what it would be like to be a domestic servant and what tasks we would really detest. Most people said emptying chamber pots and cleaning toilets. We talked about what sort of jobs the servants would be doing like cleaning the floor and washing clothes. They had to do the same chores everyday so it would be quite boring. They also had to wake up as soon as the master awoke. We thought about what we would like a servant to do for us and what things are involved in being one.

    • Word count: 760
  9. Drama Stimulus - a different state of mind such as depression and mental illnesses

    The actual image we created included a sense of levels to show the person was in the most authority, certainty and control. In the lesson on ?the accident? we had to create a performance on someone having an accident that then leads them to having problems like memory loss. Our story for this performance was two girls who are very good friends have a an argument which leads into a fight, and one girl gets knocked out and put into hospital, when she recovers she forgets everything, her friends try to help her out, the girl has a panic attack and completely broken.

    • Word count: 1728
  10. Unit 1 - Documentary Response to Children's Drama

    Also, I had to use succinct facial expressions and clear, obvious movements to make a sinister appearance such as the stroking of your chin/beard in a menacing way, and always keeping your head down but your eyes are looking up as seen in figure 1. After doing my first mime performance, we learnt different skills and techniques that we should use when miming since we evaluated each other?s performance. If the performance happens to quickly, the audience would miss crucial elements of the plot and be confused for most of the story, since there is no audio to guide them.

    • Word count: 2359
  11. Drama Stimulus - The Future

    This reminded me that it was not just scientists who collaborate to make the ideas of the future possible. For our first task, we had to perform an advert occurring in 30 years time. Both groups decided to include a positive and even exaggerated attitude to the piece as it was an advert. We decided to advertise having pills as food as this was a topic we had discussed. Originally we wanted to compare ?Before? and ?After? food pills were introduced but we felt it would be more effective to convey the effect the pills have and how they have changed people?s lives for the better.

    • Word count: 1588
  12. Personality reflection - the life of Princess Diana.

    However, I did not shine academically and was moved to West Health Girls? School in Sevenoaks, Kent. Luckily, I showed a particular talent for music as an accomplished pianist. In 1977, I briefly attended my finishing school, and at about that time, I first met Prince Charles who was then in a relationship with my older sister, Sarah. Life was unpredictable; who knew he would become my husband in the future? In the same year, he noticed me at a shooting party at Althorpe and referred to me later as a ?very jolly and amusing and attractive 16 year old?full of fun.? However, the love affair with him began after three years during a polo playing weekend.

    • Word count: 1380
  13. Script for our scene from "Beowulf".

    Do not ever underestimate your potential and lineage. (Firm words) GRENDEL: I know that our family represents evilness and wickedness, and that we are the banished ones of this horrid land. GRENDEL'S MOTHER: Grendel, it is true that our kind is different and that we keep to ourselves, but know that we would have this land; however Hrothgar's throne is protected by God. GRENDEL'S: I acknowledge the fact that our race should be the ones ruling. I want to tear part each person in this wretched land limb by limb.

    • Word count: 735
  14. Script for an update of Snow White

    That?s why I had to do the right thing to save your campaign. MAYOR: You be quiet when I?m speaking! Hear me clearly on this, the only reason the crowd loved you is because of their bad tastes for women like you who neither have the looks (MAYOR does beautiful poses) or the brains (More poses). So, if you still want money for 3 meals a day and a roof over your head, don?t ever think of pulling that kind of thing again. Now get ready for the next speech! Get out of here!

    • Word count: 1094
  15. Drama script - Doctor Who - The Lady and the Locket

    Dana cries out in pain and rolls limply down an embankment before coming to a rest at the bottom. He stands over her, victorious, but the sound of the TARDIS engines startle him and he retreats, leaving the wounded Dana. The Doctor, Amy and Rory approach the edge of the embankment and see the injured figure below. Doctor: Oh. He and Rory slide down the embankment and crouch near the limp Dana. Rory: stand back, I?m a nurse! Doctor: I?m the Doctor! Rory checks the wound on the girl?s shoulder. Rory: it?s not a projectile weapon, whatever did this.

    • Word count: 3939
  16. Drama work on the theme of oppression.

    We have explored these different "versions" of oppression in many ways in the studio. We have done freeze frames in which we worked in pairs and in each freeze we had to show our power and dominance over our partner. we then looked at each of the freeze frames and analysed them. i particually liked Hollys and Lillys set of freeze frames because i felt Holly used her body to show her dominance. For a small girl Holly used her stance very well.She had her feet streched out to the width of her shoulders which made her look bigger and stronger than she actually is also she had her shoulders back a bit which emphasised her posture.

    • Word count: 1778
  17. Unit 1 - Drama Exploration of the theme Peer Pressure - Documentary Response

    By having him being clueless and unaware of what was going on, this enchants his vulnerability to Peer Pressure. His parents whom Derek was very fond of disapproved Chris very much, but Derek chose to ignore the fact and kept going with Chris, dominating his life. Chris would make Derek do things he didn?t want to, such as drinking, smoking and sneaking out at night, only to do things that he later on regrets. We can also see how his innocence and childlikeness responds to the theme of peer pressure from the events in the courtroom.

    • Word count: 1963
  18. Monologue - My mother was dying (This is just a performance it's not true)

    But I know that he thought I should have stayed at home with her. All I can think about is how I should have stayed home that afternoon, and all those afternoons, not gone to netball practice, not left her to that visiting nurse who came an hour a day three times a week, who took her blood pressure and temperature. And that physical therapist who made her stand and attempt to lift her leg. The woman was almost dead and they were making her do exercises. I should have protected her. I should have been there in the hospital with her when she died.

    • Word count: 733

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