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GCSE: Personal Performances

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  1. "one more time" - monolog

    There was nothing else to stop me from leaving. Martin wasn't Italian and after the last few months I can't even think about him as someone close to my heart. I wish he had said something, anything, but he simply let me leave without a word. It wasn't easy. (Her eyes are filling with tears). I really don't know what I was expecting. After two years together you would have thought that we both would know that it is not how we wanted to live, and certainly not in each other's company.

    • Word count: 2486
  2. Comparision of dicvised peice and another sun

    We did this by using various flashbacks and confusing the audience. My first similarity between the two plays was the simple sets that they used. In "Another Sun" there were lots of staging blocks because it was a piece of physical theatre, and the actors used this to move around elegantly. It was very simple but very effective. Similarly our devised piece "Alone on earth?" used only one staging block to put the props on.

    • Word count: 605
  3. character study

    The reason I thought this is because he is the one he first told about the car theft he was involved in. He even offers Nick his office as a hang out. Rob doesn't smoke and is very moral and encourages Nick to hand himself in. Rob also encourages Nick to build bridges with his parents, as he believes this would help him make the switch, so he genially cares for Nick's well being. I think he dresses smart but causal, as this would reflect his attitude to work.

    • Word count: 687
  4. Naturalistic Theatre

    On the more negative side I would say when Arthur was talking to her...she could've paid more attention to him and maybe look a bit disturbed, as a stranger was talking to her about 'collecting people' and it didn't seem as though she knew he was there. If I were to change that part it would only be to acknowledge Arthur a bit more. When it came to leaving Arthur and disturbing Charles, Michaela got into her character straight away and I could see that she was talking to someone and acknowledging Charles next to her.

    • Word count: 1198
  5. Create a piece on Henry Vth.

    The little girl was singing "ring a ring a roses" in a mysterious dead-like voice. The two scenes then merged back into one, which left a powerful ending with the freeze frame of dead bodies, this was effective because it made you feel the true effects of the war. This is another scene that striked me most about the play with all the good ideas interpreted in this scene and others to make an overall good performance. The message of the piece was reminiscence, it came over as all the emotions both family and soldiers went through before, during and after the war.

    • Word count: 1258
  6. Live like pigs and refugees drama comparison

    The techniques used in live like pigs are the same as refugees because they both have the same sort of storyline and plot so therefore they have the same techniques such as because the characters are quite alike in both pieces. The type of play refugees is quite sad and mysterious because of the different music and lights being played and also the way of the acting such as facial expressions.

    • Word count: 596
  7. blood brothers - response

    Both scenes were very different from each other as they got different reactions depending on where the announcement was. For Miss Lyons's dinner party the characters had to be posh and very precise on what they were saying. After Miss Lyons told the party her news and they acted pleased as they knew they had been trying for a number of years but they also had their doubts.

    • Word count: 485
  8. Is ameriaca misogynist soceity

    It has also been the men that have predominantly been in power in politics. Dorothy McBride Stetson writes, 'Women have had equal voting rights for seventy-years, yet men hold formal political power. Apparently women and political power don't mix. It's not that women don't participate, they out number men in the electorate by nearly 10 million votes...Yet women remain a minority of policy makers'1 The first play in which I am going to deconstruct and analyse is Arthur Millers, The Crucible. Miller's plays reflect social and moralistic values that people are faced with everyday.

    • Word count: 2764
  9. Evalution for drama.

    She joins the dead already resting in the graveyard, including her mother-in-law, Mrs. Gibbs, but she is still restless. Despite all the warnings, she chooses to go back into the past, to see her twelfth birthday. But it's too painful. She can't stand watching everyone pay so little attention to Life and flees back to her place among the dead.. We related our play to the text we read in class called "Our town", and we saw how effective the play is with a narrator telling the story. It gives the audience an idea of our play we produced, and what happens to whom.

    • Word count: 1785
  10. Blood Brothers

    This is shown throughout the song as the mother starts off cheery and jolly and then her words seem to become a bit of a drag, as they loose their upbeat and happiness. My group included different drama techniques such as; Freeze-frames, Special awareness, Facial expressions, Gesture, Movement, Narration, Mirroring, Unison and Slow motion mime. These were shown clearly throughout our performance as they were used in order to fit to the dialogue and this created a very realistic feel.

    • Word count: 2709
  11. The Outsiders

    Ponyboy's best friend is the vital Johnny who is 16 years old but whose dad was always beating him up. He was the gang's pet so he gets loved by everyone especially Dallas who was 17 years old and "The real character of the gang" because he is tougher, colder and meaner so he could be referred as a hood. A minor character was Two bit Matthews, who is 21 years old and famous for shoplifting. There was also a girl that Dallas and Ponyboy are in love with, Cherry Vallance she was a crucial supporting role.

    • Word count: 879
  12. Diary Entry - Blood Brothers own work

    Clearly they don't know what I've just done, the hearts I've just broken, the most amazing friends I've just lost. I still cant believe what I've done, I feel so humiliated! I don't know how it happened, they weren't mean to find out, especially not like that! I was so confused...how can a girl be expected to make a decision like that.

    • Word count: 498
  13. Similarities and comparison essay

    In both plays, the leading man is influenced in some way by a woman. Whilst Macbeth is tricked into committing acts of wickedness by his wife, and manipulated into the cruel and brutal murder of the king, The King in 'Arabian Nights' is changed by Scheherazade's enchanting stories and becomes a worthy and respectable king once more. In 'Macbeth' the country suffers as a result of his actions. He expresses this by declaring that Cawdor will sleep no more, meaning that his crimes have effected nature and therefore affecting the whole country.

    • Word count: 554
  14. Development phase

    The section is set in the living room of the fisher household, in 1959 at night time; 'it's only ten'. The living room consists of a dining table which is positioned upstage left, two single chairs which are positioned centre-stage right, the kitchen entrance and exit is upstage right and the hallway is upstage left. The style of text in this text is very naturalistic as it is a conversation between parents and their son, emotions changing, anger, concern and so on.

    • Word count: 1000
  15. the language of performing arts

    Being creative and using practical skills of theatre all make a performance work. During a performance we can see how all three types of performing arts can emerge together. The process can be triggered off by a stimulus. . Each piece was given a specific stimulas; for the drama piece, this stimulas was 16th century Dante picture. Within our group we began to write down our initial ideas, by exploring the various meanings and interpretations behind the picture. Therefore we discuss how the picture made us as individuals feel and how it may relate to any past experiences we may have had, that would hopefully add to the performance.

    • Word count: 948
  16. Paper 1 Unit 1: Exploring Persecution

    I contributed significantly in many different ways towards my group's piece. Firstly, I suggested that we should have a very stylistic scene to end with which highlighted symbolically the rift between the two groups and also showed how that rift could close. I thought this could be done by spacing each actor on the stage and have them individually explain their story and their troubles and then have them turn into each other whilst the Hutu's claim that they have differences and the Tutsis do the opposite before being shot to the ground due to the momentum of the Hutu uprising.

    • Word count: 2808
  17. Blood brother unit 2 in drama GCSE

    We had the conductor standing up walking around us asking for tickets. Him standing up over us gave him priority, but as soon as Sammy says "What!?" and stands up the authority automatically goes equally as the conductor has the threat of driving to the 'cop shop' and Sammy is aggressive gaining more priority as people are scared of him. Sammy soon gains all priority when he produces a knife and threatens the conductor because all of the power is in his hands. However this status doesn't remain high that long because there is a sense of desperation when Sammy calls out to Mickey to help him, but Linda does not let Sammy get Mickey involved so all priority goes to her because she puts a stop to all of this.

    • Word count: 2148
  18. Portfolio work Development 1

    We focused on the first two sections of the poem entitled 'Dirt' and 'Medusa' because this is where their relationship was developing. We then went on to create a mainly naturalistic piece focusing on their relationship and what we thought the poem was suggesting- that the 'Devil' Ian Brady began to take over her to the point where he had shaped who she was. In preparation for making our piece we did a trust exercises where we fell back into someone else's hands and had to completely trust them for the task.

    • Word count: 1037
  19. billy liar-english

    The teenagers would simply reflect the fashion and music that their parents liked. Teenagers were expected to be seen and not heard, they would do exactly what an elder told them without question. Answering your parents back was totally out of the question and unheard of. Teenagers wouldn't dare to question their parents, as there would be serious consequences. Teenagers wore exactly what their parents wore, and listened to the same music as their parents. During the late 1950's came a time of change. Elvis introduced Rock and Roll to the teenagers, and this signified the start of the teenage revolt.

    • Word count: 2067
  20. improvisation Our rehearsal process consisted of several games to help us with our own techniques and understanding of improvisation

    Another game we played involved acting out a specific job whilst the rest of the group tried to guess it, this game was effective because I learnt that detail is extremely important so that the audience and other performers know what you are doing because if you know what the other performer is doing you are more likely to trust them. We then played the freeze frame game where someone takes the place of one person in an improvisation by shouting freeze and changing the routine.

    • Word count: 1046
  21. Rehearsal Methods

    * Trying to get into character by playing games. * Hot seating. * Mime. * Improvisation. Recording Voice: In order for all of us to try and develop a Liverpool accent we recorded our voices and then listened to them back to try and improve our accents. We as a group found this method very helpful as we all were playing young children and we had to try and develop Liverpool children's accents for both the upper and lower class as Mickey and Sammy came from a lower class family whereas Edward came from an other class family.

    • Word count: 1050
  22. GCSE Drama Coursework - Billy Liar Section One: The Response PhaseFor the response phase we worked on three sections of the play to discover and understand

    As well as demonstrating a still very stereotypical family, the role play does contain circumstances that point towards a slightly old fashioned family. Firstly, the fact that the family all had breakfast together is maybe not such a widely done thing nowadays due to busy schedules and varying work hours. The roles of the mother and father also indicate a old fashioned family set up, the father out working while the mother stays home and cooks and cleans, although often still present today, things are beginning to change and you get a lot of working mothers nowadays.

    • Word count: 7457
  23. Explain how group work contributed to the final performance

    In the beginning stages, we all took on very similar working roles. This was not very productive as often the same task was performed three times over. For example, all doing research on the same subject meant that a lot of information was being regurgitated, and so time was being wasted on unnecessary work. Although it seems like an obvious course of action, we began giving people dedicated tasks at the end of each rehearsal. This allowed us to know exactly what other members of the group would be bringing to the next meet, and so we were able to structure our own work around this knowledge.

    • Word count: 975
  24. Response Phase We were assigned the task of creating a Drama improvisation based on the Blood Brothers production we had already seen on the 18th June 2004.

    The tension also created dramatic tension, predictions and irony. Another important themes explored is the issue of how friendships develop and change over a period of time and how family relationships can prove to be destructive. This was shown in the deterioration of Mickey after being lured into crime by his brother. However the most significant way this was shown was in how a mothers' love proved to be destructive to both Mickey and Eddie. Other themes that are explored apparent in Blood Brothers include; * Drugs * Guilt * A love story ending in tragedy Once we had reacquainted ourselves with Blood Brothers, our drama teacher explained into detail exactly what we had to do with our improvisation.

    • Word count: 3479

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