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Play script. One wish Scene 1- The argument!

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One wish... Scene 1- The argument! Angela on the left side, sat on a chair, Sasha on the right hand side stood up and Karlie sat on the floor in the middle. A- What is your problem? S- I don't even know you anymore, who have you become? A- What do you mean who have I become I'm still your husband aren't I? S- There you go again, nothing is ever serious with you. Ohh yer some kind of marriage we've got. A- Yer but you know I love you! S (Shouting) - Don't even try that, you tricked me with that line before and look where it's got us now. But the funny thing is that was when I did love you too. A (angry) - What do you mean did love me? *S looks at the floor* K+A (at the same time) Daddy? / look at me when I'm talking to you! ...read more.


K- It's funny how some people can break your heart, yet you can still love them with all the little pieces. This is my life, you wanna swap? Nah I didn't think so. I know some people would be thinking that's nothing compared to what I've been through and others would be feeling sorry for this little girl. But believe me I'm not asking for sympathy, I just need someone to realize how much it's hurts to see two people I love break apart. I'm watching the world fall apart and there's nothing I can do but cry. So that's what I do, every night, my tears won't make life better but they make me remember, how much I miss the good times, and how I wish things were still the same... Scene 2- The good times! Goes straight into it from the last scene. A- Karlie go and get your wellies! K- No wellies, wellies bad S- Karlie go and get your wellies for daddy please K- Wellies (pointing right) ...read more.


It's been like this for four years now, they are changing so much and I just can't keep up with the arguing. Deep down I know I can't blame myself, and I try to convince myself things will get better, but only if that was true. There is nothing I want more in the world than for them to love one another again. Scene 3- Back to reality! Carries on from scene one. S (Freaking out) - I don't know what to do any more, I just can't cope, it's all to much for me to handle. A- sigh's (flicks through the TV channels) K- Dad are you guna help me then? A- In a minute, I'm watching the football. K- It's always in a minute, but that minute never comes. S- I'll help you babe? A- Come and watch the game Karlie and we can do it together after. K (get up and walk off) - It's weird how three totally different people can want the same thing so badly. Karlie looks back at Sasha, Sasha looks at Angela and Angela looks at Karlie. ...read more.

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