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Portfolio work Development 1

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Portfolio work (Paper 1 Unit 1) Development 1 As a class we read the poem 'The Devil's Wife' by Carol Ann Duffy which is about the case of five murders committed by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, the victims were buried across the Yorkshire moors hence the case being named 'The Moors Murders'. The poem 'The Devil's Wife' is Carol Ann Duffy's interpretation of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley's relationship. In groups we discussed how we interpreted the poem and how their relationship developed, that if neither of them had ever met then it is thought that neither of them would have committed the murders, this tied in with the idea of fate which we had been looking at. We annotated it by writing about what it made us think and feel. Our group believed that the main aspect of the poem was the power Ian Brady gradually took from Myra Hindley. ...read more.


We tried to keep this scene quite stylised to show the audience what was happening to her in a way that they could understand clearly but was also visually interesting to watch. When deciding on what elements of drama to include in our piece we decided that conventions such as freeze frames would work well when establishing a difference in time in our piece. For example we started by using a flashback and when we went to a future scene we froze at the end of the flashback scene so the audience could see the time difference. We tried to keep our piece interesting by using levels when positioning our characters on stage so we had some of us at different heights- standing, sitting, kneeling in each scene where possible. Also we thought about how we could use the space most effectively and so in our scenes we tried to spread out across the stage and when we used props such as chairs we placed when diagonally so that an audience could see it clearly. ...read more.


This would have worked well when Myra Hindley is first affected by Ian Brady she starts losing sync and typing out of time so here it would have been better if the colour changed once again highlighting the fact that he had a power over her. Likewise towards the end of the piece where Ian Brady had gained control of her and shows this by constantly having his arm around her we could have had the lighting changed to show a difference in her as a person. The use of sound could have also created certain moods, for example having the sound of rain or stormy weather played in the scene where Myra has taken the victim Pauline up to the moors in the evening. Sound would have worked especially well, as it would have been a good use of pathetic fallacy-reflecting the eerie nature of the scene. Also it would make the performance more atmospheric for an audience to watch. ...read more.

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