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Prison Scene (Blood Brothers)

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PRACTICAL WORK DRAMA LESSON EDWARD VISITS MICKEY IN PRISON Our task today was to create a scene showing Edward visiting Mickey in prison. Before the short scene commenced both characters were instructed to improvise a monologue at the beginning to show the contrasting situations of life between the twin brothers and also the contrast in their spirit. The whole scenario clearly communicated this; Mickey being in prison and depressed, Edward's enthusiasm and excitement to tell Mickey the news about his new social life at university. PLOT and TECHNIQUES used The genre of our piece was "serious drama" because it featured realistic elements. The main effect we used was the silence. This provided a tense atmosphere and hooked the audiences attention. Before Edward enters the prison, a split scene is used as the monologues are individually acted out. Edward jumps out of his seat in the waiting room with enthusiasm as visitors are escorted to the visiting room. Mickey appears with a black eye and eye contact with the floor. ...read more.


I'm going to see Mickey for the first time in (pause) ... four years? Although, I can't believe it's in this place. (Shudders as he observes his surroundings) It gives me the creeps. I don't even know why he's in here! I know Mickey like the palm of my hand, he wouldn't hurt a fly or I couldn't imagine him committing a crime. He's too much of a good person to do anything of the sort! He's a bit like me actually. I do miss him though. I feel nostalgic at the thought of all those days of innocence- how we were so intrigued by a plastic gun and when we would get into so much trouble with the guards. I don't know how to greet him or how he'll react. Will he be happy to see me? I really don't know; I brought him his favourite sweets. The ones that we use to scoff down when we were children and then we would feel incredibly nauseous. ...read more.


I just wish I could see Linda. She's pregnant and I'm not even there for 'er. I mean... what kind of father am I goin' to be? I'm already banged up and even when I wasn't, I couldn't even provide a descent life for me family. (puts his head in his hands) I jus'... I jus' wish it was all over for me. I can't live like this anymore. I CAN'T! I'm losin' the will to live. What kind of existence is this anyway? Might as well be dead. I'm jus' so alone. I miss Linda. I need 'er. She's the only thing in my life that keeps me sane. I jus' picture 'er face and me child when I feel like I wanna give up. I 'ave a visitor commin' today. I dunno who it is though. I 'ope it's not Eddie. I miss 'im but 'e makes me feel even worse about myself. He 'as everythin' he wants. An' I 'ave nothin'. I always wanted to be 'im. Since I was a kid. Oh I wish I could be a kid again. Care free and 'appy all the time, no worries, no responsibilities. Those days are long gone... ...read more.

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