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Prose Study.

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Prose Study. Short stories have a lot to offer that novels cannot. We looked at three short stories and focussed on Your Shoes and Flight. We briefly looked at Growing Up. "Your Shoes" is about a mother who is writing to her daughter who has run away. Writing the letter is pointless because the mother has reason to believe the daughter is living on the streets and there fore has no address to send the letter to. The daughter ran away because her mother had been treating her like a child and buying her things that she had wanted when she was a child but never got, like the shoes and the curtains. In writing the letter the mother is getting off her chest all the things she wished she could tell her daughter. Because of the mothers restricted and suppressed childhood she disrespects her own mother and calls her a 'tart' and doesn't think very highly of her. The relationship between the mother and the daughter is not a very good one, this is because the daughter is living a life that the mother never had and wished she could have, this has caused the mother to become jealous. This leads to the mum getting really possessive over a pair of shoes that she had bought especially for her daughter as a surprise. ...read more.


Something makes his attitude change, whereas before he was content now he is considering letting the birds go free, but changes his mind just as the bird is about to fly off. He is afraid to let the bird go so locks and 'protects' it in the box. This is a good example of how over protective he can be. What he has been subjecting the bird to has annoyed the granddaughter and has caused arguments between the two of them. The old man has destroyed his relationship with the granddaughter and she is not pleased to see him. Their relationship can be compared to sand if you were to put some in your hand and leave it, it would go nowhere, whereas if you were to tightly grasp a handful of sand it would squeezed out between your fingers. Just like the old man is squeezing his granddaughters love out of his life. The old man tries to be interested in his granddaughter but is also angry at the same time. And the granddaughter is on guard in case of another argument. This has produced great hostilities between them both. The grandfather threatens to tell the mother but the granddaughter is neither bothered nor scared of him or his threat. ...read more.


He then releases the bird. They all watched the bird soar into the sky. This short story 'Flight' is moving and has a great message behind it, its use of symbolism is good when the old man releases the birds. The way it is written 3rd person, past tense gives it a sense that there are two sides to an argument, and emphasises the grandfathers and the granddaughters conflicting ideas. It is also giving an un-biased view because you are hearing both sides of the story and not just one. The way the writer goes into depth about what they say to each other shows how long the two of them have been having this argument for, but gives no reasoning behind the argument and what started it all off. Also the way the writer portrays the old man as a stubborn yet sometimes babyish man, just shows the reader how long this argument has gone on for. If it had not been very long then he would have not portrayed the old man in this way. Just like Your Shoes, Flight uses symbolism in a very similar way, with both poems using objects to represent people. Also both poems use human emotions and feelings a lot in the text, and both go into detail about the relationships between the people involved in each poem. ...read more.

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