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Rabbit Evaluation.

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Rabbit Evaluation Introduction The play was about a family of three, mother, father and daughter, all-living in a house, and is quite wealthy, and they have their own chauffeur. When we arrived, there was conflict between the daughter and the parents, because of her new boyfriend, who is taking the girl out of college, where she is studying law, and teaching her to do rap. There is always an argument going on, and in nearly every scene, there was a box, which had a rabbit in. The mother told the daughter that her father has got cancer, and has not got long to live. At this time the father is in the woods with the boyfriend, looking for firewood. He then tells the boyfriend that he has got cancer. Meanwhile back at the house, the driver arrives and his son is ill in hospital, and he asks, if he can have time off, to see him and she said, you would have to see my husband, so the driver went looking for the husband in the woods, and eventually finds him. ...read more.


The actress showed this by always raising her voice and everything she did she would over exaggerate it so they would look at her. The mother Kate was in control of everything, and very flirtatious, she also had a glass of wine in her hand, all the time. She also spoke down to people as if they were lower class, her posture was upright, chin in the air, and back straight, so they resembled upper class. The actress was very demanding and she showed this with her body language. And the way she spoke was very articulate so you could hear everything she said. The fathers character was very laid back, and seemed to bottle everything up and let it all out at the daughter, This added tension between the two characters, He was more like a teacher than a dad, who was always right and made sense of everything. The actor didn't have to change his voice and I don't think he had to try for this part. This helped the actor to change much more of his character to fit as the father his attitude started sort of relaxed but got more uptight as the play went on. ...read more.


She would have both hands on her hips, and leaning slightly forward, and even when she had a drink in her hand, she always had the other on her hip. This stood out for me, because the part and authority she showed by doing this. Facial expressions You could see every expression on their faces, the father often showed that he was angry, and you could see that he was angry. The boyfriend showed he was confused a lot of the time, and you could see that he felt he did not fit in or understand, The mother showed that she was in control, because her facial expressions did not change a lot. But the daughter when she was angry, she still showed innocence in her facial expressions, by bowing her head and looking up. Conclusion In conclusion to this, I can see that because the man had cancer, and you could hear the rabbit scratching at the box, it meant that the rabbit was the cancer chipping, and scratching away at the fathers life. This is what I think because the scratching was constant and inconvenient, just like cancer. The father was trapped, either his family killed him through stress or the cancer would kill him and trapped like that rabbit in the box. ...read more.

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