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Raina Petkoff and her Cover-up.

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Miguel A. Hern´┐Żndez Calder´┐Żn Section 101 Dr. Ferracane Advanced English Thursday, 23 October 2003 Raina Petkoff and her Cover-up Bernard Shaw's works make us doubt principles and ideals, which we accepted without a question. The economic status of the Petkoff's is one of wealth, and the fact that they are rich makes us think of a well-mannered and educated family, especially the young girl. The young girl should give us a sense of nobility and in fact she does in this story. The young girl in "Arms and the Man" gives us the impression that she is an ideal daughter, lover and citizen. But is she really? This girl tries to portray this stereotypical personality but proves not to be quite the noble girl she plays. ...read more.


He instantly discovered the superficial coating over a very rough interior. The mother, Catherine, proves to be the same when she abandons her patriotism and loyalty and helps the Serb officer to hide and even escape the next morning. "Like father, like son" they say. But the biggest surprise comes when the Swiss or Serbian officer or Bluntschli blows Raina's cover. Raina is outraged or pretends to be when Bluntschli throws the truth at her face. He calls her a liar and insists on it. She gets furious at first, but gives in when she realizes she's got no way out. Her reaction is: "... I! I!!!...How did you find me out?" (1591). And here she confesses that the "noble attitude" and the "thrilling voice" is just a cover-up. ...read more.


She confesses to the point that she mocks the people who believe her "noble self" by saying: "... I did it when I was a child to my nurse. She believed in it. I do it before my parents. They believe in it. I do it before Sergius. He believes in it" (1591). That incident of calling her a liar made Raina mature. It was a turning point in the life of this character and in the plot of "Arms and the Man". Bernard Shaw uses his comedies to criticize many ideals by mocking them. In the case of "Arms and the Man" he takes the nobility of a wealthy, respected family and destroys it by mocking many of its aspects. In this essay I analyze how Shaw takes the view of innocence of a young, noble, rich girl and changes it to make it crude reality, he makes the Petkoff's look like common people with very little nobility. ...read more.

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