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Reflective Statement - Service Learning Project

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Antonia Vassileva Quest for Meaning Prof. Tom Oberhofer Reflective Statement Our group chose to volunteer at the Pier Aquarium for our service learning project. Our main task was to design the Aquarium's brochures, so that they become more competitive with the brochures, which other tourist places offer. In addition, we helped with setting up for the Fish Head Ball, which was a charity event held by the Aquarium to raise funds. I had an amazing experience, while doing the project, because I discovered that it can be very rewarding to volunteer, especially if you like the people you are working with. The Service Learning Project was the first volunteer work that I have done in my life, so initially I was not really sure of what to expect from the experience. When my group members and I headed over to the Volunteer fair a couple of months ago, none of us knew what we wanted to do for sure. We were open for pretty much anything, but still it had to be something that would grab the interest of all of us. As we entered the crowded Fox Hall, we saw many stands cluttered next to each other, each with a person behind them hoping to recruit some volunteers. ...read more.


Since Karen had us given us the dimensions of the new brochure, we did not have much space to work with. Therefore, we had to decide how to deal with the issue of constrained space by experimenting with different fonts of varying sizes, as well as by trying to cut out some of the text. As we progressed in our work we came up with some complete versions of the brochures. We emailed the product of our work to Karen for evaluation. She responded not long after saying that we needed to change some things in one of the brochures, and she liked the other one. However, we decided to do both of them over again, because we believed that our first creations were far from the best products of our work. This process was repeated several times before she approved of them entirely and before we were completely satisfied with what we had done. As a whole the process of designing the brochure required a lot more effort than we initially thought, because of the multiple times that we had to revise our work. Another great experience for me and the rest of my group members was helping with setting up for the Fish Head Ball organized by the Pier Aquarium. ...read more.


Giving can take many forms- one can give to other individuals, to organizations, or to the society as a whole. The service learning project gave me a chance to volunteer for the first time and I was able to discover a new way of making my life more meaningful- by providing my services to the community. I realized that a community is like one's extended home so by providing our services at our own will we help making our home a better place to live. In addition, there is a sense of self- fulfillment that comes with volunteering in the community because knowing that the product of my work will benefit other people makes me feel like a better person. Therefore, the Service Learning Project was an unforgettable experience that permanently changed my outlook, and helped me discover a new way to make my life more meaningful. I will definitely continue to provide my services to the community in the future, because I believe that this is essential for having a healthy and better society. The Service Learning Project was a true learning experience that not only taught me a lot about how I can give back to the community, but also it helped me grow as a person. ...read more.

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