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Rehearsal Methods

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On the 24th of November myself, Adam and Stephen took part in a drama performance. The performance we put on was adapted from Blood Brothers by Willie Russell. We played a scene near the start of the play set in the 1970's. I played Mickey, Adam played Edward and Stephen played Sammy. Mickey and Edward are both 7 in our scene and Sammy is about 10. In order for us to prepare ourselves for these parts we had to use a number of rehearsal methods in order for us to perform the best possible drama and achieve the most marks possible. Some of he Rehearsal Methods we used include: * Recording our voice and listening to it back. * Mirror Work * Research on the Internet and books. * Watched a film by Willie Russell also set in Liverpool. * Trying to get into character by playing games. * Hot seating. * Mime. * Improvisation. ...read more.


Research on the internet: As we were playing a scene set in Liverpool in the 1970's we had to do some research to try and help us get an idea of Liverpool in the 1970's, clothing etc. Before we preformed the play we took some time as a group to look up Liverpool and appropriate clothing on the Internet. This gave us a very clear image of the surroundings and of the clothing worn in the 1970's in Liverpool by both the upper and lower class. This then therefore enabled us to get clothing to match our characters and create a good picture the characters and of the times. Watched a film by Willie Russell also set in Liverpool: As a class we watched a film 'Shirley Valentine' by Willie Russell as well. It was also set in Liverpool in the 1970's. We watched this film to try and create a better image in our head of Liverpool and the clothing worn and the way people acted in the 1970's. ...read more.


After doing a practice performance while we were still in character we chose to do the hot seating. The hot seating I found helped me to think more about the character I played and get a more in-depth view of him and what he was thinking. We were really put on the spot when we were hot seating and we had to make up an answer relating to our character very quickly. Improvisation: We also used improvisation to try and help our performance. We found improvisation to be a bit like hot seating as we had to do thing in character on the spot. When we were finished our performance we had to carry it on making it up as we went along. We found this very helpful as it helped develop our performance of the character we were acting. The improvisation we found was one of the best ways to help develop our character and we spent most of our free group time doing improvisation. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rehearsal Methods 27 November 2006 Drama Shane McCudden 12D Page:1 ...read more.

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