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Response - Drama from Poetry

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GCSE DRAMA 1699-Paper 1- Unit 1 Portfolio A01 = RESPONSE DRAMA FROM POETRY The text I have been studying were the song lyrics from: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beetles. It was picked because the lyrics were nonsensical. It is about being taken to a fantasy world where you see wondrous things such as "rocking horse people with marshmallow pies" and "plasticine porters with looking glass ties". Throughout this journey you are urged to follow Lucy into even more magical settings and eventually you disappear with Lucy aswell. When I first heard the lyrics read to me my first images were bright colours, of pink, blue, yellow and green swirling around and forming a child's painting. I saw a young girl who was beautiful and mysterious that beckoned me to follow her through a strange land. ...read more.


When we were asked to use Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds as an inspiration we found it extremely interesting because we could invent strange, mysterious characters which would not only interest us but the audience. Our initial plot involved two settings which would play a vital role for the plot of the improvisation. The first setting was a child's bedroom surrounded by toys which accidentally revealed that they were alive when having an argument about who was the child's favourite toy. The next setting was in the toy box where the ballerina who represented the good fairy battled the bad fairy that was no longer the favourite toy anymore and was left in the toy box. Diagrams of the imaginary settings we created are on another page. ...read more.


to understand why the character in the text is asking to be followed and why the toys in the improvisation are jealous of each other. The Explorative Strategy freeze frame helps us to understand and convey our ideas by allowing a pause in which we can all clearly see the relationships of the characters while there is a still image. The characters are all very shallow and self centred when it comes to winning the affection of their owner, the innocent little child. If I were to stage the piece it would be in a very magical atmosphere where everything is happy. This would create a contrast to what the characters are feeling and also display that it is a child's room where you would expect everything is happy. The theme of our improvisation is a child's perception of things being different to the truth. ...read more.

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