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Response: Evaluation of the explorative strategies and the drama texts - Lisa's Monologue.

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GCSE DRAMA COURSEWORK LISA'S MONOLOGUE TASK 1 Response: Evaluation of the explorative strategies and the drama texts. Initial Response- Lisa's Monologue When I first saw the monologue, a great block of solid text, I thought it was going to be complicated and that there was going to be lots of hidden ideas and meanings. I thought that I would have to read it a couple of times before it sunk in. I was wrong. The first time I read the text, I thought it wasn't all that bad. Through the first reading, picked out what I thought the priorities; * Lisa was pregnant. * The father had taken off. * Lisa's parents weren't too happy. * Lisa was not going to let this set her back. Through the second reading the relationships of the characters came through. Linda was someone who Lisa turned to; she trusted her and could ask for advice from her. Lisa's boyfriend appeared unreliable and unfaithful, because he left her when he found out about the baby. I don't believe Lisa had a very good relationship with her parents, otherwise she would not have mentioned that they would 'kill' her. Character Brainstorm - Lisa Hot - seating of Characters- Lisa and Brian To develop the characters, we used the explorative strategy of hot - seating. This is where a person sits down, in character, and is asked questions about his or herself. ...read more.


(gets up) Brain: (reaching for her arm) No, no please don't go. Lisa: (sits back down) I shouldn't be doing this but. Brian: I meant to say, I was (pause) I noticed you. I was sitting over there, I saw you, checking your watch, looking up and down the path. So... I assumed you were waiting for someone. Lisa: So you came to keep me company? Brian: Well....yeah, why not? Lisa: Thanks...but you don't have too; I mean my boyfriend will be here soon. Brian: (shocked) Boyfriend! Lisa: Yeah! Is it that hard to believe? Brian: Well, it is a bit? Lisa: (offended) Excuse me? Brian: How can I put this? (searching for an answer) If I was you boyfriend, I would never leave you waiting in the cold like this. Lisa: (looking into Brian's eyes) That is really sweet...you know what? Brian: What? Lisa: I'm not going to waste my life with someone who does not appreciate me, when there is someone like you sitting right next to me. Brian: Appreciate you I will, I would be mad not too. (Lisa and Brian kiss). TASK 3 Evaluation I was in a group with............ We began by discussing what we had done in our previous groups and how we were going to mix and match all of our ideas. We brainstormed all the ideas that could be a result to what was in the text. We used the idea that Lisa's boyfriend left her and her parents wanting to kill her to build on and create our play. ...read more.


She had small unnoticeable actions which didn't make her stand out at all. Their group had a range of characters, most of them were like chalk and cheese. These different characters help create the different relationships between them all. ................ revealed her internal by her external a lot. The little things she did, like fiddling with her fingers which showed that internally she was a very nervous person. You could tell that she was shy because she never made eye contact with any of the other characters through the whole play. She used her voice, movement and speech effectively. She had a very quiet voice, which she hardly ever raised, and she never actually talked directly to anyone. Her speech, her words were neither rude nor powerful. She spoke quickly which showed how nervous she was. Her movements were quick and small, the kind that nobody would notice. The use of movement, speech and voice reflected her character, a small, powerless housewife. I was most impressed by ........... I thought her performance was really good. Her character was really well played from the twitching to getting the glasses of water when anyone got angry or upset. You wouldn't notice it unless you worked with her. It is the little things she did which made the difference. She was very good at keeping the group working and making them concentrate, but she was never bossy. To improve my play, I would try to make my character stronger, and have more of an impact. I don't think I would change anything, just improve. So that it would be perfect. ...read more.

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