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Response Phase We were assigned the task of creating a Drama improvisation based on the Blood Brothers production we had already seen on the 18th June 2004.

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Blood Brothers Improvisation (The Development Phase) We were assigned the task of creating a Drama improvisation based on the Blood Brothers production we had already seen on the 18th June 2004. As it had been six months since we viewed the performance at the Churchill Theatre we sat as a group and recalled the events of the play. While we recalled what we had witnessed, we also discussed certain scenes that had great significance in the play i.e. when Mickey was robbing the house with his brother Sam and the scene in which Eddie and Linda show their affections towards each other. We then discussed the drama techniques used in these scenes and the effect it had on the audience. Once we analysed this into detail we then discussed the main themes apparent in the Blood Brothers play. We all agreed that the central theme of the play is injustice of the British class system and the prejudices it creates. The main idea that Willy Russell (the writer) is trying to portray to the audience is that the system leads to those of working class and underclass backgrounds have significantly reduced life chances and opportunities compared to those of middle and upper class descent. Russell proved and emphasised his point by demonstrating his point of view using identical twins. By Russell using identical twins with a therefore near genetic make up he proves that by them being brought up in two different environments, one becomes an extremely successful public figure and the other is forced into crime. However though the British class system is the core issue explored in the production, many more themes are used and explored to influence the characters. In my personal opinion I feel that the most significant theme (excluding the British class system) is the use of superstition throughout the play. I thought this was extremely effective as it was unique and extremely creative, allowing for scenes to have a more exciting twist, for example the shoes on the table. ...read more.


Emma continues quarrelling with Adrian and then decides to leave Adrian sitting on his own and join myself and Megan. At this point Stephanie walks away from the rest of us while Megan Emma and I dance together (in a conga line) until we are left at a standstill when we see Stephanie and Adrian heading towards the bedroom together. The next scene was a developed version of the tableau with each of us in our occupational positions. In this scene we used great amounts of dramatic mediums like use of levels and use of space. In this tableau Adrian was a councillor, Megan became a barmaid, Stephanie was a councillor, Marian was a police officer and I became a drug dealer. To portray our vast differences in status each person was at a different level according to their occupation; the greater the level the higher the status. In this scene each one of us acted out our scene while the rest of the group were in a freeze-frame. The next scene is when Stephanie and Megan meet again at Stephanie's workplace; as they have a great time re-establishing themselves with each other Stephanie invites Megan to her house. Once they both go back to Stephanie's home the two have a great time sharing their stories and experiences until Stephanie reveals to Megan that she's married Adrian and they've been together for a few years. When Megan hears this she become extremely hurt and angry exclaiming that they had both made a pledge tat none of them would have him however Stephanie justifies her actions by claiming that they were in high school and that shouldn't mean anything to her. Though Stephanie believes this Megan believes that it was a betrayal of friendship and as the anger heightens in their confrontation Megan smashes a mirror. At this point the dramatic tension in the scene reaches an extremely high peak with Stephanie exclaiming "look what you have done". ...read more.


One of the positives is that when we did work together as a group we were all extremely focused on what we had to prepare and had a great level of co-operation. I also feel that though we had problems with our improvisation that we all managed to sustain a high level of involvement as none of us came out of role. I also feel that we all complemented each others acting on stage and therefore helped ach other sustain our involvement level and this therefore helped us believe in our characters even more. I also feel that our performance had great strong points like our use of levels and space to create differences in status and contrasts between the characters. Another success of our improvisation was that our play was extremely creative, unique, imaginative and adventurous. I also feel that though our improvisations had its problems the general level of involvement and acting was very high. I also feel that we ha excellent voice projection use of body language and facial expression and a great level of interaction. Another excellent point of our performances were that they all had a great dramatic atmosphere full of tension in confrontational scenes as well as the use of great emotion during both the deaths of Megan and Stephanie. Once we explored our improvisation through evaluation I felt with the audiences views and opinions that if we were asked to improve our improvisation that we could do so with great success Therefore to conclude I believe that the task of creating an improvisation based on Blood brothers proved to be successful as though there were weak points the positives balance and manage to outweigh the bad. I also feel that this prepared improvisation has helped me develop a greater understanding of many things. Firstly it has helped me learn how to co-operate with a group of people with great confidence and strong views. My improvisation has also helped me understand friendships and contrasts between people with greater compassion and has also broadened my understanding of the Blood Brothers production to a new level. ...read more.

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