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Response to play's and other types of drama - In this essay I am going to compare my play with three comparatives.

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AQA GCSE Drama: Response to play's and other types of drama In this essay I am going to compare my play with three comparatives. The play I performed was devised from the story of "Ashputtel", originally written by The Brother's Grimm in the 1900's, and re-written by Carol Ann Duffy. The other three texts are, The "Just So stories", originally written by Rudyard Kipling in 1902 and later adapted by Jamilla Gavin, "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka in 1915, also, "The Grimm's fairytales" by The Brother's Grimm, written in the early twentieth century. My performance, based upon the story of "Ashputtel", was set in the 1800's, in possibly Germany or Austria, and was similar to "Cinderella". ...read more.


The morals concealed within each story are similar to "The Grimm's fairytales". It was similar to Ashputtel, as she was also 'left' due to her mother's death. "The Grimm's fairytales" were aimed at children and adults in narration form, though they also used repetition, and were told not only to provide entertainment but also to teach morals and instil hope into children. The families featured in each tale are mostly lower class, therefore showing that hard work and goodness prevail over evil. The endings are stereotypical but darkly comic, though often tragic. Physical theatre would be an effective representation. "The Metamorphosis" is a novella set in the early 1900's; it's about Gregor Samsa, a young travelling salesman who financially supports his parents and younger sister. ...read more.


One main link is that they are all about families and how they are forced, and sometimes how they struggled, to survive. "Ashputtel" is treated as lower class, even though she is middle class, and most of "The Grimm's fairytales" are lower class, and "The Metamorphosis" is working class, therefore both similar to the "Just So Stories" immensely as they are middle class. However, they are similar in the fact that all have underlying meanings, or morals. "The Metamorphosis" was similar to The "Just So Stories" as the children also metamorphosise into animals. All comparatives were written for children except "The Metamorphosis", which addresses broader issues, but they are especially similar in form, all using narrating, and repetition and shown in physical theatre as this was the most effective. Dominique Briggs-11y-Ms.Hadzis ...read more.

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