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Review - I went to a live theatre trip to watch Bouncers on Friday 9th December at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton

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Theatre Review Theatre Review - Bouncers I went to a live theatre trip to watch ?Bouncers? on Friday 9th December at the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton. ?Bouncers? is written by John Godber and is set in and around a nightclub called ?Mr Cinders?, with the action focusing on the exploits of four doormen and their customers. Multi-rolling is used mainly when the four bouncers tell the stories of different stereotypical men and women. For example when Godber contrasts a male and female hairdressers, the woman talk about their big night out, and what they are wearing. For the men however, again they plan their night out, but are discussing the possibility of pulling. Direct Address and Monologues are predominately used by the character ?Lucky Eric?. Eric delivers his speeches throughout the play. During his first he talks about young girls dressed up and made up, spending everything they make on their nights out at the weekend, drinking too much and succumbing to the advances of men. ...read more.


We see this contrast when ?Lucky Eric? performs his monologues. I like this because it keeps the audiences minds active. My favourite part of the play was when the scene changes and the bouncers become the girls again. They are on the dance floor. Rosie feels sick and then sees her boyfriend kissing another girl. The tears flow. This was my favourite part because of the stereotypical emotional women and the over the top scenarios helped portray the different characters. Another part of the play I enjoyed was when the Bouncers are complaining about the cold and are planning to watch a pornographic film when their shift ends. Soon after Ralph and Eric become characters in the porn film and act out a scene whilst Les and Judd provide a running commentary. This was effective because of its comic value but also backed up Godber?s stereotypical man. Lucky Eric was my favourite character In particular since I enjoyed his thoughtful speeches which were a quiet lull amid all the shouting. ...read more.


Bouncers also mixes styles ? for example, prose, verse and song are blended together. This also serves to keep the audience?s minds active. The language is shaped so that it is clearly recognisable to the plays target audience. This was clear because the script has bold and crude lines but also clever innuendo's, which was funny for an older and younger audience. The cast of ?Bouncers? switched seamlessly from their roles as club bouncers, to lads on the make and even giggly girls portraying the youth of the day preparing for the big night out. This was outrageous, and even a little sinister. Overall I think ?Bouncers? is a clever, funny and interesting play. I think the small arena and staging worked well because it enabled you to feel close to the characters, a sentiment they intended to evoke and made the monologues have more impact. I loved how they brought the script up to date by including relevant jokes and features that the youth of today understand. It had quick pace and kept my mind questioning. All things considered, this thoroughly enjoyable rendition of Godber?s comedy provided an entertaining night. Billy Bellion - 7023 ...read more.

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