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GCSE: Reviews of Personal Performances

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  1. Autobiographical Writing

    We often went to the arcades and played games. Once we went to play pool in a club and I proved too good for my friends. In the end we got chucked out of the club for being too noisy. The teachers often fined us. We got fined for things like swearing or forgetting something. Thankfully I didn't get fined too much but my friend Andrew got fined the most because he kept on farting! The football tournament was held in a leisure centre and it was held over three days. There were nineteen teams in the tournament and we were drawn in Group A with the stronger teams.

    • Word count: 1001
  2. Section B essay. During rehearsals of our piece, Blue remembered hills, I developed my vocal and physical skills with my characters Angela and Peter.

    I spoke in a harsh tone to clearly show that I had a higher status than Audrey, I was quite loud to show my confidence with what I was saying but also to show Audrey who was boss. There was only one other character on the stage which helped keep the main focus on Audrey and I. When I spoke to Audrey I turned my back so that she was watching me walk away this helped show that Angela was the boss in the friendship and Audrey had to do whatever Angela told her to.

    • Word count: 916
  3. Drama - Essay about our group piece on cyberbullying.

    First of all we?ve made a plan of the lesson. We?ve done this by all members of the group writing their own suggestions of the lesson. Afterwards we have shared our plan, then extracted best parts/suggestions of the lesson and combined it into one piece. We?ve showed teamwork in early stages of our ?adventure? to advocate consequences,misery,affliction of cyberbullying. Sorting out the timings was considerably hard; we wouldn?t know, how long the pieces of the lesson would take, the only solution to this problem was to estimate on average how long each piece would take.

    • Word count: 1073
  4. Medea Monologue Evaluation Essay - Sample for Drama GCSE

    We realised this was a script needed different levels of emotion and having the ability to change your emotion very quickly was key. We decided to focus on her unrequited love for her husband (Jason) who divorced and betrayed her. Also the anger that she held towards him because of the betrayal needs to be strong. She needed to be quite hard and strong but vulnerable at some points. Once we had cracked the themes and character personality we started do proper rehearsals.

    • Word count: 565
  5. Using "Too much punch for judy" as a stimulus.

    and facial expressions were inquisitive, we made this possible by raising our eyebrows and having wide eyes, and our heads were leaned back at an angle, to show that we are ?checking them out?. Lee and Luke had to close themselves from the audience, and have them facing the floor, to show shyness. We did this to show a typical night out in a bar, it was a convention. Towards the end of the lesson we had to develop the still images into a role play, using chat up lines and other explorative strategies.

    • Word count: 1035
  6. The overall reason why i chose to perform East by Berkoff was to learn more about the way characters are represented and why the audience feels distanced from the play.

    Also in Berkoffs plays he intends the actors to represent the characters rather than become them. In turn Berkoff also wants to convey emotion withing his characters rather than just thoughts. This can be done through the use of mime, movement and voice expression. The overall reason why i chose to perform East by Berkoff was to learn more about the way characters are represented and why the audience feels distanced from the play. Through the use of Berkoffs dramatic styles and vulgar scenes and characters.

    • Word count: 689
  7. Holocaust drama stimulus

    I felt pity for him because I didn?t understand how someone can be this cruel to human beings. When the photograph of soldiers and one of Hitler laughing with some people was juxtaposed with the photos of the Jewish people in the camps it made me feel confused with different emotions such as anger and sadness. This was a picture which really made me think about what Jewish people really had to go through. I could see a huge group of heartless and cold blooded German soldiers at the back watching Jews being shot in the back of the head

    • Word count: 2559
  8. Group Performance Evaluation

    It was my idea to change a spotlight/lights for a different scene when we did our monologue as I thought that this would face the audience's attention onto us and they would then listen carefully to what we were saying. As well as the audience will know when the scene would be changing. Jake suggested that Julia should make her voice louder and more aggressive when she was shouting at the us as this would make her character more realistic and the audience would also be frightened of her.

    • Word count: 532
  9. Drama performance evaluation. In our most recent performance we created a play called The Streets In this my characters friend dies as he is shot by my brother.

    Whilst being panicked and anxious, because I don?t know how to deal with the grief. I am searching for help, with my desperate pleas, but nobody is around to help me, as they are all in the same situation as my character. Everybody is dealing with same emotions. I think the piece was effective as the music throughout would have set the mood and atmosphere as the music is quite calming and relaxing, which contrasts with the harshness of the death. Also the ?gangs? reaction is contrasted when they refuse to help him, and then later regret this decision.

    • Word count: 508
  10. Devised self-Evaluation. Our play is about a person who once had a family, job, and life, but after he got fired he loses everything

    Then steal the money and walk away. The plan does not go as expectation. All things went wrong. At last nobody wants to help him, even the angel and devil did not want to help him. He even got someone in jail. Our group used the theme to create a 10 minute play exploring on unexpected events. We went about process by firstly planning the events that is going to happen in our play and then think of things that could go wrong in the story.

    • Word count: 514
  11. sadasd

    Possible ideas The first thing we did was get into groups and did 3 still images based on homelessness to give us idea?s and to help us understand the types of things to include in our performance. The first still image was of 2 different women one with money and a family and another having an abusive husband. Our second was the women with the abusive husband getting beat up, which caused her to become homeless. Then the third one was the women on the street, homeless and the other women and her children seeing her helping her.

    • Word count: 1476
  12. During the rehearsal period before our short performances of A Taste of Honey, each actor improved all aspects of their performance

    I included more gestures to show my feelings, such as stroking Jo?s shoulder and helping her up as she is pregnant- these worked together to show that my character cares immensely for Jo. In turn, several techniques helped me to perfect my interpretation. A strategy that I found extremely helpful was called ?Reflection in Role?; during this process I was asked questions about my character directly after the scene had finished so that I would still be in role and have the feelings of the character fresh in my head.

    • Word count: 1011
  13. How have the explorative strategies/drama mediums helped you to understand the theme of heroism in your practical exploration?

    A Letter from Cyrus; Mr Stevens Nyembo?s Social Conflict and The French Resistance were just some of the activities we performed. The first set of activities involved the hero, Irena Sendler (15 February 1910 ? 12 May 2008), a Polish Catholic social worker who served in the Polish Underground and the ┼╗egota resistance organization in German-occupied Warsaw during World War II. Assisted by some two dozen other ┼╗egota members, Sendler smuggled over 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto, providing them with false identity documents and housing, outside the Ghetto, thereby saving them from being murdered.

    • Word count: 1132
  14. Devised piece coursework. When I saw the stimulus I first believed it to be a dirty dress, that had been washed up onto the shore of a beach

    We had vaguely used the idea in a previous piece and after some discussion we concluded that using the idea of a fairytale would be a good one as it would be easily recognisable for our audience, this also would give us a means to 'twist' the story in ored to get our message across to our audience. We chose Brecht as our practioner so we could expand our personal skills and knowledge by performing and learning about his practices.

    • Word count: 1692

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