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romeo and juliet

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Siamah begum 11sf Teens can be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle and radiate a healthy attitude. The world is a wonderful place for teens, full of options and possibilities, unfortunately, many of these exciting opportunities may not always lead to the most healthful choices. Body image and eating disorders, tobacco use, alcohol abuse, and drug use are just some of the issues that can have a great impact on most teenagers, so this is what teens must contend with today, and without any guidance they may fall victim to one of these concerns. However, with a little direction, teens can be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle and radiate a healthy attitude. ...read more.


after all the weight they have lost and the eating problems they have gone through, they would still need to get the extra skin removed. Not eating at all is how they think they will lose all the body weight and be skinny. But NO!! This is where most teenagers go wrong, eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, and nervosa are a serious mental illness. Teens that have eating disorders may have problems such as feeling bad about them or are living in stressful family situations. The eating problem is often a mask for other issues or a way of trying to cope with them. ...read more.


Finally living healthier is better for teenagers because at this stage they are still growing and so having a fixed or balanced diet may have more or greater affects on this. Living healthy comes with more advantages than disadvantages, such as longer life expectancy, looking and feeling better physiologically and mentally, clearer skin and less chance of getting diseases or visiting the doctor. Even though some people may think that teenagers may have the urge to start eating unhealthy again after going through a few days of a healthy fixed diet, does not matter because the teen may feel or see a quick difference to how changing back to an unhealthy diet can have a quick affect on everything. Teens might prefer eating junk foods but I'm pretty sure they most rather would prefer looking and feeling better psychologically. ...read more.

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