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Romeo's Diary about Rosaline

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Dear Diary, Today, I am a dead man. Here's so much to do with hate, but more with love. In this awfully unfortunate day a deadly pain was brought as my dear Rosaline rejected me. Rejection; this word is more painful than death itself. This word has destroyed my heart and now not even the most colorful rainbow across the gray and clouded sky, nor the warmest sunshine, nor the sound of the sweetest melody invading my ear, nor the most crystal waters of the sea, ...read more.


I shall give up everything, for I am useless and worth nothing in this cruel world. Sometimes I wonder how I can still cry. My tears have vanished along with my broken heart. My world has become a place full of bitter hatred, my happiness replaced by sorrow and grief. "Sad hours seem long." I said to my dear friend Benvolio whom I met on my way back home. ...read more.


O, Rosaline why don't you want my love! Now that you have broken heart you have lost a good husband and a lifelong partner for the rest of your life. This pain will miserably and slowly rotten my heart and will stay with me for all eternity until one day I will find stop all this torture with someone who is even sweeter and graceful as you. Someone who will worship me like their own God and love me forever and ever...O, my sweet Rosaline, storm clouds may gather and stars may collide, but I will love you until the end of time. ...read more.

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