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Rwanda Development

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Genocide has happened many time is various countries, some more widely known about, and some with greater casualties than others. The most infamous of these would be the Holocaust, which took place throughout Germany and the countries conquered by Germany during the Second World War. It involved the annihilation of the Jews, and was an act of racism ordered by Adolph Hitler. In the twentieth century there have been twelve cases of genocide in places live the USSR during the communist revolution, Bosnia in Pakistan, in Iraq during the late 1980's and plenty other mass killings in the smaller, war-torn African countries. The task given to us was to try and get the point across that the government should have intervened and a great many lives could have been saved. The title 'Don't Let It Happen Again' inspired us in the work that we did in the lesson, and we feel that it did get the message across. Script for 'Don't Let It Happen Again' scenes Lights up (BBC news music - intro tune)(Two newsreaders) (Mock serious, sitting sombrely) Lilly - A government grant has enabled the fire service to buy a longer ladder so that they could safely reach Mr Tiggles and return him to him loving owner. ...read more.


like that! Josie - Now, assemble your instruments, and we shall show you how to prepare them for the eventuality! Alex - Yes, a knife is good, and you must sharpen it while holding the point away from you - get an adult to help you with this part - and slide the stone along to form a blade! Josie - You can also use a gun, machete or club! Before you deliver your judgement, get the Tutisie on their knees ... Alex - This provides you with a perfect vantage point of the neck! Josie - ... and aim before you strike! Lilly - This sounds like jolly good fun! Alex - Why don't you join in, look, her is a machete! Lilly - Thank you! Alex - Ready everyone (chorused 'yes' from Josie and Lilly) then ... 1 ... 2 ... 3! (All hit down towards Frazer's neck in slow motion, who then falls to the ground, dead) Alex - And here's one we killed earlier! (Picks Ollie up by the hair, and throws him on top of Frazer) (Three girls stand back behind the pile of corpses, smug and satisfied) Black out Lights up - two tables with two people each seated at them, Alex standing motionless in the centre - Countdown ...read more.


Frazer - The gun shots are getting closer, I am going to have to give it back to the studio. (News readers sit back down) Lilly - This a great tragedy, and what many want to know is why did this happen? Ollie - There have been plenty of opportunities for the governments to step in and prevent further loss of life, so why didn't they? Alex - I think that the message we can all gain from this is; Don't Let It Happen Again! Lights out - end Throughout the piece, all actors used facial expression, body language and vocal expression to portray their character and how they were feeling at that moment, with levels and status. Black comedy and sarcasm were used in all the scenes to help get the point across. By being melodramatic and over the top we tried to make the audience think twice before laughing, because the topics that we were breaching, especially in the Blue Peter scene where not funny when you thought about them seriously. In our piece, I think that the most effective part was the Blue Peter scene because it was full of sarcasm and melodrama, with enough black comedy to keep the audience in check, and thinking about what was actually being acted. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rwanda GCSE Paper 1 Unit 1 Development coursework Alex Doyle 11JF GCSE Drama ...read more.

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