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Rwanda Evaluation

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In this topic I looked at the Rwandan Genocide through the eyes of refugees, child soldiers, the problem from the West's point of view and the first hand witness accounts. I most enjoyed exploring refugee problems, because it made me use different drama techniques to the ones I am used to, and acting out witness accounts because we were given the opportunity to use abstract drama, which I find harder that realism but enjoy a lot. We as a class were given a wide variety of tasks that needed different dramatic techniques to help them get the desired point across to the audience. Among them was the refugee soundscape, the whole class frozen image of child soldiers and the split-scene depicting the ignorance of the West. I found these tasks challenging, and they made me dig deeper to bring out more emotions in my acting. During the refugee soundscape, I found that I had to really feel the emotions of fear, despair , exhaustion and panic to be able to portray the feelings properly through vocal expression, and help add to the layers that were drumming, stamping, heavy breathing and screaming. ...read more.


We also created a split-scene task, which showed the contrast between the ignorance of the richer West and the poverty and carnage happening in Rwanda. During the split-scene, the 'ignorant' West were having an expensive sweet sixteen birthday party and the news about the Genocide was on the television. In Rwanda, I was being held hostage, and faced torture before a drawn out death. I used my body language to express my fear, like shying away from any noises that were near, I also tried to show my oppression my hunching down on the desk that I was sitting on, lowering myself down to emphasise my lower status. I was blind folded, and restricted to whimpering and small screams of terror, so did not use very much vocal expression. Emily used her voice to try and drive fear into my heart, by shouting in my ear and whispering inaudible words around my head, and laughing hysterically when I shrank away to show my horror. In the other scene, they do not take the news flash seriously, and switched it off. They used irony by exclaiming "Look at those little African kids, why can't I be that skinny?" ...read more.


The final task given to us was to try and get the point across that the government should have intervened and a great many lives could have been saved. The title 'Don't Let It Happen Again' inspired us in the work that we did in the lesson, and we feel that it did get the message across. We used black comedy to try and get people to think before they laugh, and a series of comic television shows. These included Match of the Day, Blue Peter, Countdown and two news flashes. Throughout the piece facial expression and body language were falsely cheery and sarcastic, with fake laughter punctuating the lines that we said. To make it better we could have put some abstract drama into it, and used a wider range on drama techniques. Other groups were mainly abstract with some black comedy. This gave them in individual feel to them, and no ones was the same because on the nature of the task given to us. I most enjoyed the abstract drama piece, because it is a weaker area for me, so I think that I improved my abstract style. It was challenging because it was outside my comfort zone, and I found it harder that realistic acting. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rwanda GCSE Paper 1 Unit 1 Evaluation Alex Doyle Miss Crowe ...read more.

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