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Rwanda Response

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In this topic, we looked at the genocide in Rwanda, and how it affected the many classes of people, who, for so long, had lived in harmony until the 1950's. The two peoples, the Hutus and Tutsis, lived and worked together, forming inter-marriage ties and also helping each other out, but it all changed when the Hutus started a civil war, which led to the Rwandan genocide in the 1990's. The picture shown here was used as a stimulus in our lesson, and we talked about how it made us feel, and how we reacted to it. My initial response to the photograph was one of shock and horror, at the scale that the picture shows, and then of revulsion, that this was actually done, and not just imagined. Hatred and death were expressed by the skulls, for they said death by famine or murder, and even before reading the text, you knew that it was concerning mass loss of life. Once the article was read, I felt ashamed that humans were capable of this, and also mortified that the picture was only a fraction of the real scale that were killed. It helped me dig deeper inside my self to perform more emotional acting, because I knew that many thousands of people had felt the fear that my group were trying to portray through our acting. ...read more.


Channon and Alana both play Hutu soldiers, who are hiding inside our house, waiting to jump out and kill us. Alana is bloodthirsty, and wants to get this over and done with so that she can move on to the next village, but Channon, a lot more reluctant to do so, is trying to talk Alana out of the idea, and once that does not work, tries to talk herself out of doing the job. I started off in the back left corner (from the audience's perspective) with Natalie, and was on my knees to show my lower status, expressing that I was a minor player, and had hardly any say in what went on in my life, let alone the world. My use of characteristic skills, like using a higher pitched voice, and also by asking my mother (Natalie) awkward questions about the killings that had been going on, assured the audience that I was portraying a child's character. Natalie was acting the role of the concerned parent, and one of my many questions; was why are people killing other people? Before she replied, Natalie looked slightly toward the audience and sighed quietly, her shoulders sagging and her facial expression of caring mother slipped to reveal a person worried about how she can answer such a question in a way to make me understand that she cannot protect me from everything. ...read more.


We used our hands to make the gunshot sound, and it echoed around the room while Ellis fell in slow motion. Once caught, her body language changed to show she was in pain, and her breathing was even more laboured and more forced out of her body, showing that she was fighting. I found the subject of the Rwandan genocide very good to base my acting on, because it helped me dig inside myself and bring out another branch of acting that I had not really practiced that much. It helped me to understand more of the drama techniques that are applied when doing more serious acting. Within the topic, my favourite part was exploring the problem of refugees after the genocide, particularly in the three short scene improvisations because it gave me a chance to try myself at more desperate acting, and I found it quite challenging, but overall it helped me improve my acting. The child soldiers helped me to work up my confidence to create a monologue in a very short time, and create what I felt was a satisfactory piece, as I am quite shy about standing up in front of people and acting out by myself. Through this I worked up my courage and felt a lot more comfortable with it. ?? ?? ?? ?? Rwanda - Response Coursework GCSE Paper 1 - Unit 1 Autumn 2007 Alex Doyle 11UJF ...read more.

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