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script on aboriginal

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Year 10 GCSE Drama Summer 2008: Paper 1 Unit 1 Script- Power, Freedom and Control I have chosen to do my following script from when Molly, Daisy and Gracie have just been captured and are being taken to Moore River Native Settlement. The reason I have chosen to start my script from there is because there will be a range of emotions that will be felt by the girls at that time I and will develop on them and hopefully get a bit of understanding of the torment they must have been going through. Molly Daisy and Gracie are in the back of Mr. ...read more.


Molly: (Now shaking herself) Where are you taking us? Mr Neville: (not even looking at Molly) You will see in due time. But first I need to stop And fill up the tank. (He turns to Molly with a frightening look on his face) if You even think about trying to run away, I will do something even your spirit Bird can't guide you through. Mr Neville exits the car to talk to the petrol pump attendant. We see Molly's Grandmother enter the scene running and screaming in aboriginal. She runs to the car and tries to open the door, but Mr Neville was too quick. ...read more.


Mr Neville: (evil sneer) Where your going will change you lives forever. And it will be all Down to me. Over the years you will realise how much good is doing... They slow down as they approach there destination. Molly looks around, already thinking about how they were going to escape. This script shows elements of power, freedom and control throughout. Mr Neville who is one of the most powerful people in the process of biological absorption has control over the aboriginals. He mentions what would happen to them if they tried to escape because all they want is freedom. It was an important part of the play because it was the first time that they were being taken to the camp. Everyone in the scene had different feelings and they all showed them in different ways. ...read more.

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