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Self esteem and self efficacy are central to the sustained success of any individual. They combine to formulate a powerful vaccine against distress, depression, helplessness, dependency, and irrational cognition.

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Self esteem and self efficacy are central to the sustained success of any individual. They combine to formulate a powerful vaccine against distress, depression, helplessness, dependency, and irrational cognition. They are the key to optimism, positive behaviour change and the achievement of goals. How can one expect to reach their potential if they do not believe in themselves and their ability to accomplish what they take on. Humans formulate opinions of self based upon the collected experiences of life. Some are fortunate enough to grow and develop in positive nurturing environments that foster optimal beliefs systems. Others have a more difficult time remaining positive about themselves and life in general. Regardless of one's background there is nothing that anyone can do to change history. We have no control over our past only our present. We have the ability to change how we feel about ourselves at any time. The choice is ours. Many of us have learned to be self depreciating. We are told that we should not blow our own horn or hold our head too high. In some cultures this is more pronounced than others (e.g., Asian cultures). As a result our internal dialog be comes negative. ...read more.


Skills: through knowledge of game, game winning strategies, expertise in execution. Attitudes: inner process, unconscious, self-image, beliefs, feelings. Find someone who can help you develop the skills and attitudes you need to succeed. Losers believe attitude can't be learned, you've either got it or you don't. In most persons peak performances happen by chance in consistent peak performers they happen by choice. Imagination is stronger than the will. Imagine the person you want to become six months down the road. It is difficult to maintain your positive perpsepctive if all you hear is negative crap. Negative people tend to bring others down. People will not want to be around you if you are always being negative and you should refuse to associate with people who do not support your good feelings. Don't watch movies or TV shows about disturbing topics that bring you down. Meditation is widely accepted as a method of reducing blood pressure, metabolic rate an heart rate aswell as increasing blood flow to the skeletal muscles ( hall et al 1991). According to harris et al (1993) the regular practice of mediation facilitates concentration by disciplining Too much stress and anxiety can seriously affect your ability to focus on your skills and flow in a performance. ...read more.


a situation saying 'I'm in trouble', then you are much less likely to do well than if you think positively, seeing a new situation as an opportunity to exhibit your skills at a higher level. Stress and Adrenaline When you are in a competitive environment or are in an environment in which you are being evaluated, adrenaline may enter your bloodstream. This has the following positive and negative effects on your body: Positive Effects: o Adrenaline causes physiological arousal o It causes alertness o It prepares the body for explosive activity Negative Effects: o It inhibits judgement o It interferes with fine motor control, and makes executing complex skills difficult. You will experience the preparatory flow of adrenaline into your body typically as butterflies in your stomach. In sports such as shooting where fine motor control is important, adrenaline may be a negative factor. However in sports like sprinting or power lifting, where explosive activity is required, adrenaline may be useful in generating optimum performance. You may currently view high levels of adrenaline in your body negatively as stress. You may need to review this, perhaps welcoming adrenaline as an aid to your performance. Similarly you might like to consider using Psych Up routines to raise your adrenaline levels if you are not sufficiently aroused. ...read more.

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