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Shakespeare bullet point notes

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* The average Shakespeare play had 30,000 words in it - more than the average person could need in their lifetime. He invented 1,700 new words - he turned verbs into nouns and nouns into verbs. * 100 years earlier Chaucer was writing the Canterbury Tales in English, while the upper classes spoke French and Latin. * Caxton invented the printing press in 1470. * Shakespeare wrote about foreign places a lot, but he was only transported by his imagination. ...read more.


But, Marlowe is the only playwright who can match him. * Shakespeare NEVER invents any new plots. * The "Chronicle of England, Scotland and Wales" of 1587 is a source of many events in a lot of his plays, e.g. King Lear. * There is a rhythm in Shakespeare - the "iambic pentameter". When he wanted to make the audience feel uneasy he reverses the rhythm, e.g. in Macbeth. * When the plague arrived in London all the theatres closed down by law, so Shakespeare wrote poetry - The Sonnets. ...read more.


Love can "tear us apart". * Shakespeare was the first playwright to become rich by it. * "The Lord Chamberlains Men" formed. * With wealth he was freed from patronage - can write whatever he likes. * Turns world upside down - fools say wise words and kings become paupers. * "We are a seething mass of passions about to break out" in Shakespeare. Sex and violence just beneath the surface. Thin line between barbarism and civilization. * Treachery in a lot of his plays e.g. Macbeth. Not only do plays deal with political intrigue but in a period of political intrigue. All of the plays had to be approved by the censors. ...read more.

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