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Short Story- Hitcher "Beep Beep" "Beep Beep," The noise suddenly faded away. One and a half hour later... "Oh damn! What time is

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Short Story- Hitcher "Beep Beep" "Beep Beep," The noise suddenly faded away. One and a half hour later... "Oh damn! What time is it? Oh no! Its 9:30, I'm late for work again. He quickly rushed in to his clothes and hurried downstairs. He glanced at the answer phone; there was an anonymous message... "One more sick- note and you're finished," there was a slight pause. I overflowed with rage, my hands clinched together as if I was going to vigorously punch something. I stormed out of the house furiously and sat in my car. "A Vauxhall Astra. ...read more.


I was now in Leeds, his house was the next street. I parked the car and waited for his approach, there was no sign of him. I was really getting frustrated. By the time he came I was fuming with fury. I don't remember what was happening I was just so full of fury that I erupted like a volcano, and unleashed all my might. "I let him have it on the top road out of Harrogate" five times with the head, then ten times with the car steering lock. His face was all swollen up, lip slashed, nose bleeding and unconscious there was drops of blood all over the car seat. ...read more.


I suddenly began to have a minute of thoughts. It was about the innocent person which I murdered. After all it wasn't his mistake and this I became conscious of too late. I arrived back home where I sat on the sofa and really started thinking. Thoughts have been running through my mind; he most have been someone's father, or someone's husband. Such an innocent person's life I took without any particular reason other than waking up late. The person's flight would have been cancelled; he might have been required to go to America to visit his cousin's sick. I wish I could turn the time around to when my alarm was on. If only I woke up early today, and never got late for work. I wouldn't be in this terrible situation in the first place... ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Reviews of Personal Performances section.

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