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Should we outlaw gambling because of its addictive nature?

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Should we outlaw gambling because of its addictive nature? Millions of people like to gamble, whether it is casino-style games, lotteries or betting on the global net. For some gambling is an addiction, a sickness just like alcoholism or cancer, that can destroy lives but for others it is just a way to have some fun; that's why there are some positive and some negative aspects about gambling. Is the negative point of view strong enough for us to want to outlaw gambling because of its addictive nature? Gambling can only be seen as entertainment if the person gambling has limits on to how much he or she bets and know when to stop. A gambler starts betting with small amounts of money and slowly larger and larger bets will follow. There are three stages in gambling addiction, according to the Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling, Inc: winning phase, losing phase and depression phase. ...read more.


A family or ones life can be destroyed by a single high bet that makes the person lose control which then leads to high debts and when debts cant be paid the person needs to go to court and later in jail for not being able to pay them. However, gambling can also be seen from a positive point of view. Casinos and online betting sites provide jobs for millions of people who are depending on these for their income. If gambling is banned then all of them will lose their jobs and become unemployed. Also, many people gamble just for fun during their spare time and know how to control their betting amounts. For some gambling is considered to be a pure game that reduces stress and is a way out from their responsibilities and every day problems. Gambling does not only provide jobs but also increases the incomes of the government. ...read more.


Also, warning signs can be placed at the entrances saying how gambling can destroy lives. . I conclude by saying that I understand that gambling can be something positive but at the same time something very negative. If you keep losing money then it's too difficult to stop yourself because you want to win back what you lost but you can't because you keep losing. Also, by outlawing it, it doesn't mean that people will not become addicted to other things like alcohol for example so there's no sense in that. By outlawing gambling people get punished by having something that is seen as entertainment to them taken away for some other irresponsible people. In my opinion gambling should not be outlawed but people need to be informed about the affections and the problems that may be caused if they become addicted to gambling and are taken over by the casinos and lucky games. Savvas Proestos Savvas Proestos Savvas Proestos 1 ...read more.

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