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Show how the production of an Inspector calls enhanced the script and furthered your understanding of the play. Refer to themes and characters in your analysis.

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Show how the production of an Inspector calls enhanced the script and furthered your understanding of the play. Refer to themes and characters in your analysis. 'An Inspector Calls' is a production about society and how different people feel about it. It also touches on peoples conscience and was written by J. B. Preistley. It's all about a family in 1912 but was written in 1945, the families name is the Birlings who all has a part in the death of a woman called Eva Smith. We went to the production of An inspector Calls in the West End. It furthered my understanding of many of the characters, but I found myself far more interested in these characters, the inspector, Eric and Shelia. Shelia in the script seems very young and innocent and has no true understanding of 1912 life this can be seen when mr Birling was talking about cheap labour act 1 "but these girls aren't cheap labour there people", she also seems to be influenced in the way that if she hears what the inspector is saying then she believes and sticks up for him. She seemed pleased with what she believes is life and rather excitable. She seems to be the one who develops most in the script and play. ...read more.


My understanding was furthered when we went to the production as when he was confronted he was completely drowned in alcohol and didn't know what to say for instants when he was being questioned he was very badly stumbling on words Act 3 "you know didn't you?". But in the scripted we don't get a good idea of what he is really like as they cant express they're self-much. The inspector was an quite old man of about 50 in a brown trench coat and a black suit underneath. He seems to be straight to the point. When Edna introduced him she emphasized the word Goole as if it was a ghoul (a person intrigued by death or an evil spirit or phantom). Act 1 "A police inspector his says his name is inspector Goole". This helped me understand as it made it clearer that maybe he wasn't real at all in the production when he was confronting them the light shone hard on them as if it was an interrogation. I feel he was there to weaken their defences so that they would tell the truth to the real inspector who would follow after he left. In the script he seems to talk to them all in the same way but in the production he talked nicely to both Shelia and Eric. ...read more.


I feel his name is not accidental, as Goole seems to be a pun as a similar word is ghoul meaning a person interested in death or an evil spirit or phantom. You get this idea, as when he's introduced Edna seems to express the word Goole Act 1 "he says his name is Goole". He is no evil spirit but seems to be the policeman of conscience. As it seems to me as if he is trying to weaken their defence's with help from Shelia. When he enters on to the stage he gives "an immediate sense of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness even though he is in no way large". When I watched the production he seemed to always look hard at whom he was talking to so as to make them tell the truth. This furthered my understanding as it showed what he was like to different people in different ways and what a good devise he was as I feel that Priestley used him as a device to show what well happen if they do wrong. I conclude that the production furthered my understanding a lot and that in my essay I have commented on many different things like devises that were used like the inspector also it shows more of what each character is like and how they react to being and the way in which they express there feelings for Eva Smith. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adam Spicer 10.4 ...read more.

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