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Sister Act Evaluation

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Sister Act - Evaluation! The play follows the story of a cabaret singer called Deloris Van Cartier, who becomes part of a witness protection programme, after witnessing a murder at the hands of her boyfriend. Seeking sanctuary with a childhood friend who is now in the police force she is persuaded to lay low in a convent as a nun. However, Mother Superior, who has taken an instant dislike to her for her 'liberal' ways, reluctantly gives her a habit. Initially, she feels like an outcast in the convent, but as time goes by, she adapts to her new lifestyle and joins in with the church choir. This is when it all goes right for the church, but all wrong for Deloris. She uses her talent to teach the church choir how to sing well, as they were terrible before. However, by modernising the church and jazzing up the hymns, she gathers so much attention that she ends up the headline on a newspaper, and her face is all over America, leading Curtis, her murderous boyfriend straight to her. During the play, the director shows the audience the journey that Dolores undertakes, in order to show the audience that you need to work together in order to succeed. ...read more.


In my opinion, the change in lighting suited the play well, and brought about the intricate details. Furthermore, whenever a tense scene took place, the lighting would change to a deep red and bright orange, increasing the tenseness in the audience, and helping to portray the sense of fear and nervousness that the characters show. As this was a musical, music dominated most of the play. It added to the performance, and the songs used helped the audience to understand and identify with the characters. Moreover, in most of the songs, it is mostly major, giving the characters a sense of joy and energy, and portraying that feeling to the audience. Furthermore, the music also helped to create atmosphere, by adding to the setting, such as when the convent's bell chimes, adding to the set in a realistic way. Also the play features a live orchestra, which adds effect, and adds to the audience interaction, while using recordings would separate the actors from the audience. In my opinion, the lead actress, Patina Miller was amazing, and her performance lacked nothing. However, the stronger character was the character of the mother superior, although she had a simpler role; I felt it was played to its full extent. ...read more.


Finally, when the sister's defend Deloris, it is an awe inspiring moment, and the use of the sound effects was brilliant. It had the perfect balance between drama, comedy and action! The only problem with the play was that it relied too much on gimmicky props and in my opinion, the play should have been a little more abstract, and I felt that it relied too much on pleasing the audience, rather than creating a more abstract piece which left the audience thinking. However, the amazing characterisations from the cast helped me to overlook this fact, and overall, I can't say it was an un-enjoyable performance, or that it wasn't amazing! Overall, I loved the play, and if I could afford �125 I'd drag my family along too! I thought that it ranked among some of the best plays I've seen, and that there is rarely a play that is as good as this one! I thought that each and every member of the cast did an excellent job portraying their character, and that the teamwork among them was amazing. I would recommend seeing this to anyone I know as it is a musical which has to be seen at least once, or maybe twice if you can afford to see it again! ...read more.

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