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Sk8 Angel

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"Sk8 Angel" The performance "Sk8 Angel" is about a boy named Con dealing with his mother's death and what he learns from the angel called Sk8. The theme of this play is about the relationship between teens and adults, showing how some adults can relate to teens, such as the mother/aunt, while others don't know how or can't, like the father in the performance. Early on in the play we find out that Con's mother dies and throughout the play we find out how he deals with that, with the help of Sk8 and by Con learning to skateboard. The play uses flashbacks, both by the use of a projector and by acting to get the audience fully engaged with the play and this assists the audience to understand the plot more fully. I felt that Grant Orviss who played the character of Con did so very well. In my opinion he has showed to be a very believable character from the beginning of the performance. I believe he shows that by the way he engages with the audience and the way he describes everything with great detail. An example of this is when he tells us about the way his father handles with him when he tries to tell him that his mother is going to die of cancer. ...read more.


Nevertheless the fact he had so few lines made this extremely difficult. I think that the weakest character was the father played by Brand Damon. His acting was great and his character was believable. He played the father role well, and emotionally triggered the audience to get angry at him and feel sorry for Con. However by the end the audience felt some sympathy for the father particularly when he realised what he had done. This was shown at the end of the play when he met the skate angel and received encouragement from the ghost of Con. But I think he was vocally weaker that the rest of the characters. Whenever he spoke his voice sounded horse and quiet and it was hard to hear anything he said. There were key moments when he had big parts to speak, but I feel that he couldn't get across to the audience because we could barely hear him. This detracted from the part particularly as he has such an emotional role to play, and meant the character was less effective than it could have been. In my opinion the best preformed characters were the Mum and auntie Eileen by Alys Torrance. I think this because of the way she played her different roles. ...read more.


By doing this, it added to the atmosphere. On a later scene, Con describes a memory of his father and mother dancing, and on the screens there were images of the parents dancing fading in and out. This gives the effect of the audience seeing through Con's eyes. The music was also very effective at setting the atmosphere. There was street music in the background witch gave of the theme of he play. Also there was a quiet sound of the wind in the background whenever Con was talking about how he feels that he could raise up high, higher that the clouds. I believe that the play tried to show the audience that when something bad happens we're not alone and that we should talk to people about it instead of bottling them up and losing or "balance". I believe it did so extremely well and it showed this in the play when Con started talking to Sk8 and he started to skate, putting his problems behind and facing the by trying to do something with himself instead of mourning. I think that in future performances of mine I would like to consider having a metamorphic stage so that the play can be quick paced and keep hold of the audience's attention. I believe that this play has been great and fast but sometimes confusing. ...read more.

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