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Skungpoomery - Textual Analysis.

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GCSE Drama Coursework2 Skungpoomery - Textual Analysis We used the text Skungpoomery as a starting point for our scripted pieces we used this text to look at ways of developing a character and using the space within a rehearsal process. It's a comedy piece but like all comedy pieces it needs to work to be funny and the jokes have to be clear, comedy pieces are really one of the hardest kinds of performances you can ether do them or you can't. I this piece uses two stereotypical characters as the basis for the humour, a week and easily dominated son and a formidable and dominant mother. The good thing about this piece is that you can make it very funny by having the mother played by a male like a pinto dame. To gain a good prospectus for the characters we did two things that helped build up an idea of them, first of all we did hot seating we got to people out of the class and one was the boy - PC Nicholas Wibble and the other was Mrs Wibble. They would sit in the centre of a circle and we would ask them questions and they would have to answer them as if they were the character. This did help a lot with creating the character it also helps to build a back round for the character which you can think about when you are being that person. The second thing we did was to build up in our minds what they would look like and put it on paper this gave us an understanding of their physical started and would help with the way they would move around the set. ...read more.


to size you cant have a big table with tinny chares also it all needs to be able to fit in to the venue you are using. We were given a sheet that had ideas for the Cinderella set design that showed how the ideas were developed and all the different ideas of staircase's there were so I put together a set idea sheet to help me. The Process and Performance When I first looked at the character Rosie in The Cuckoo Sister by reading through the text she came across as a bossy teenager who was a bit full of her self but at the same time felt as is she didn't fit in anywhere she talks about trying to run away and says at the end ' just as well. She'd have been worried sick........she would, you know' she feels as if she has to convince Kate that its true but at the same time seems like she's trying to convince her self as well. When looking at the character Rosie as a person and thinking about what she looked like I pictured her as quite plane looking with plane clothes long hair and in her movements not bold quite refine because even though she speaks quite boldly I think that she wouldn't be that bold with her movement. The character obviously has a London cockney act sent you can tell this by the way in which her lines are written this is to put a deferent difference between the two girls and show the different up bringing they have had. ...read more.


I spent quite a bit of time of my own working out how to say the bit of text at the beginning ' I nearly ran away once.....' I wanted it to sound like I was going off talking about my self and making me sound hard and important I hope this came across in the piece and at the end of it to make sure Kate knows that my mum ' she'd have been worried sick.... She would, you know.' We did a lot of work on the attitude of the two girls towards each other because they are meant to not hate each other but not get on as Rosie sees her self as high than Kate because she is older and comes from a rougher background. We brought this across in the was that the way we say things and the way they down make eye contact when they are talking. I liked the way I made sure my character was every full of her self on the way she spoke most the time but wanted her body language to say something else. I think the audience reacted well I wanted them to understand what was happening and the to follow the story line because, before we had started to work on it as a piece I had read through it and it had taken me a while to work out what was happening and how the story was unwinding. The audience were really good because it was a serious piece it really ruins it if people find something in it funny and laugh but this didn't happen and at the end of it they reacted well with a lot of clapping and sportive comments. ...read more.

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