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Social Norms

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A.J. Schultz Prof. Krueger Psychology 202 February 21, 2002 Social Norms I chose to break the social norm in an elevator as my experiment. I chose this so that I could actually combine two social norms into one. I chose to stand backwards in the elevator and when there were numerous people in the elevator, but I thought it would be more interesting if I stood very close to the person instead of facing backwards when there was just one person in the elevator. The independent variables in my experiment were gender of the person that I stood close to, the amount of time we had together in the elevator, and of coarse the number of people in the elevator and how many stops were made. ...read more.


When the elevator doors opened and I noticed that only one person was on the elevator walked right in with an abrupt step. Usually the person was on either the right side or the left and never really in the middle. I then proceeded to hit a floor number just higher than theirs and stand directly next to them, but the whole while keeping silent. To no surprise the people became uncomfortable and tried to in an unobvious way move away. They tended to look at me very annoyed and some would actually blatantly reject me. Most of the people that were rude were women about the same age as I was. ...read more.


Later in the experiment a man said to me, "are you doing that for some kind of experiment", and of coarse I said yes and decided that it was time for me to end my experimentation. I was actually able to accept my hypothesis, although it was somewhat of an easy hypothesis to generate. I think it may have been a little different if the environment I was in was not on campus. The actual size of the elevator limited my results and the fact that I was doing the experimentation in the PLC limited what kind of people I had to be with. If I were to do the experiment again I would go to a hotel where there are all sorts of different people. ...read more.

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