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Spain - social, historical and political

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SOCIAL HISTOICAL AND POLITICAL Weather Spain is a generally hot dry country, day to day life in this country is restrained by the hot weather in summer. The weather patterns are portrayed in Lorca's work through midday the actions be come heavy and tiresome and there is less activity, but in the late evening the weather becomes cooler and there is mush more activity. People are free from the heat and are able to move around actions are lighter. That is why the Spanish nightlife is full of life with music singing and dancing. In blood wedding the bride and Leonardo runaway in the evening because it's cooler and they will be able to move faster, the pace of the play increases. ...read more.


Floors had to be scrubbed and rugs beaten to keep the house clean. Children are left in the care of family or friends, babysitters are unheard of this makes the communities very close. The characters in blood wedding have strong family values this is highlighted in their relationships with other characters. The mother's protectiveness over her son, the bride groom and through the memories of her dead son and husband we can see the closeness of the family. A British traveller in Spain once said "time was to show me that the lives of these people were so entirely bound up with their village that nothing outside it had any meaning for them" This shows great community spirit of the Spanish people and how much the community ment to the Spanish individuals. ...read more.


During the Spanish civil war General Francisco Franco, a fascist nationalist dictator was taking over Spain. Lorca was an intelligent, homosexual republican. In his plays and poetry he represented a republican view this is why he was executed. Lorca had many influences in his life the first of whom was his mother, Lorca idolised his mother she was a pianist she encouraged Lorca in his musical studies of the piano and guitar. This enhanced his natural scene of rhythm. When Lorca was studying in Madrid he meet Salvador Dali a surrealist painter who greatly influenced Lorca's work this can be seen in the final act of blood wedding. ...read more.

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