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Stage Two Drama Studies. "The Return" - Review.

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Stage Two Drama Studies By Jared Woolford "The Return"-Review "The Return" is indeed a truly amazing stage performance written by Reg Cribb and directed by Geordie Brookman. I viewed the performance while it was playing in the Queens theatre in the city as a part of Come Out 2003. The story of what it's like to ride the 2am train from Perth to Fremantle when the guards are on strike. It deals with peoples' fears for their safety when entering public and especially riding the train. The play had one set for the entire performance; this was a very simple set yet, effective at the same time. Sound for the play was achieved by two young men. The first used a DJ like mixing board to play the voice over of the musical, train and other sound affects. ...read more.


This gives you a feeling that tells you that the place he's in has change in a bad way because of the haunt blow makes you quiver at the spin and leave you with a cold lonely feeling. This clever introduction gives us a vague reference of the story to follow. Steve and Trev are the first two characters that are introduced. They have very rigid personalities. This is developed by the author through play and conversation on the train between the two. Their tattered typical lower class Australian clothes and tattoos resemble there rough appearance. They play fight and make smart remarks at each other. They come across as the sort of men that wouldn't hesitate to hurt someone physically in the event of an argument. It is well established by the director that they are some what unpredictable and dangerous. ...read more.


Then it twists our minds further to think about how an ordinary person, who, from first sight would not have the capability to hurt a fly, and showing us that they could turn out to be a mass murderer or psycho drug addict. This shows us how wrong our judgements can be, and how judgemental our society is. More towards the end of the story it deals with other key issues to do with homosexuality, how homophobia can effect ones judgements and how people react to those who are homosexual. In no respect is the play dull at any moment, as it captures the eye and mind. It is a reflection on what is becoming of the people in today's society and how we are handling it. The play is a credit to the author and the theatre company. DRAMA-PES 1/05/2007 Jared Woolford Mr COX HUSA ...read more.

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