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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) What is a STI? When two people have sex together their bodies are very close and this can lead to germs passing between them if one of the people already has a certain disease. This can be from touching or kissing each others genitals or from having sexual intercourse. STIs are diseases which are passed from person to person in this way. The main STIs are: * chlamydia * gonorrhoea * thrush * genital warts * trich (trichomoniasis or TV) ...read more.


This is because most of the germs causing STIs need warm, moist environments to survive. There are exceptions to this rule including; * If someone has syphilis or herpes and also has a mouth sore and you use a drinking glass, flannel or towel that has recently been in contact with their mouth. * If you use a flannel or towel soon after it has been used by someone who has pubic lice (crabs) ...read more.


==> Rashes, sores, itchiness or pain around the genitals. ==> A burning feeling when urinating or having intercourse. ==> Peeing more than usual. Most STIs can be cured by medicines, although this is not true of HIV. If people think they have a STI they can go to: * their family doctor * a GUM (genito-urinary medicine) clinic * a family planning clinic * a young person's clinic People can avoid getting most STls by not having sex or by using condoms when they have intercourse. The pill does not protect against STIs. 1 Adapted from 'Safe and Sound' ...read more.

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