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Tao Te Ching

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Tao Te Ching I believe that the Taoism is a great guideline for people to follow. The book teaches you important virtues in life, and shows everyone that you don't have to possess everything to be happy. I also believe that people have to try and reach their full potential in life. If you can find the middle of the two that is when you will find true happiness. The Tao Te Ching is a great book for anyone to read if they want to know what it actually means to live well. The book teaches the ways of Taoism, in this way of life a person has no want for anything material or physical, instead there life is based of spiritual well being. The world is so full of people today that base their whole life on how much money the make and how nice of a car they drive. When all these people are fighting so hard just to get more money then in return this is going to separate communities into income brackets And it also creates poverty. ...read more.


I see you won't succeed. The world is a spiritual vessel and cannot be controlled. Those who control, fail. Those who grasp, lose."(29) All you can do is worry about yourself and try to be a better person and learn from life's little mistakes. A person cannot control the future and cannot change the past, people get to wrapped up in worrying about what has happened and what is going to happen, all you can do is have fun while your alive and don't worry so much, the Tao teaches you to look for the beauty in life and that is an important part of life. I like this quote out of the book. "Use Tao to help rule people. This world has no need for weapons, Which soon turn of themselves. Where armies camp, nettles grow; After each war, years of famine. The most fruitful outcome. Does not depend on force, But succeeds without arrogance, Without hostility, Without pride, Without resistance, Without violence. ...read more.


Passing on means going far. Going far mean returning. Therefore, Tao is great, And heaven, And earth, And humans. Four great things in the world. Aren't humans one of them? Humans follow earth. Earth follows heaven. Heaven follows Tao."(25) I believe in Taoism to a certain point. I think that if you can find the medium of the two extremes some where in there you will find the perfect life. The world is corrupted with hate and people who all they care about is money. The Tao Te Ching tries to get people to be normal not stand out at all, be happy with being in the middle of the pack. I think that if people don't at least try to their best then in no way do they ever come close to their potential in life. This is fine with the Tao, but in my personal opinion everyone needs to try and be a person for the better. Even the Tao Te Ching itself states that anything in moderation is okay, you have to know when enough is enough and when you find this out a great life you will have. ...read more.

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