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Teechers - John Goodber. Our play is a social comedy called Teechers and is all played by just 4 characters

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Question 9. Copied. 05: Our play is a social comedy called 'Teechers' and is all played by just 4 characters who multirole throughout. It is about one teachers experience at a rundown comprehensive school who is attempting to change the education system. In this piece, I undertook the role of Mr Nikon, I also played Mr Deanie, both of whom are teachers in the school. Mr Nixon, being my main role, represents the author - John Goodber. Mr Nixon shares all his views and is the one who has to make the audience understand Goodbers outlook on the situation. For this play I did much research, both in school and out about different subjects to do with the play. ...read more.


Other than researching on things to do with my role, I also researched such things as when it was written and also the author, I did this to develop my knowledge of the play I would perform. Firstly I researched the author; John Goodber, i did this so i could know more about his views and why he believed them. To help towards this i also looked at the time it was written and saw that comprehensive school such as the one in the play, had very bad conditions and many believed that all deserve a good education, no matter their social status. This all affected my character as Mr Nixon shares these views, so in order for me to get the audience to understand them, I had to. ...read more.


this is helpful in drama as if you do not know your character, and you may play him/her in a wrong manner. Another technique used was improvisation; this can be difficult at times as you have to improvise a piece but involving your characters. Yet again this is a rehearsal strategy that helps you to connect with your role and identify it. To aid us in learning lines and cues, we often did 'line run'. This helped us remember our lines as we had to keep repeating them, and gradually learning them off by heart. By doing this, we also decided on our cues and any gaps we may have in between different speeches. The play was then made alot smoother as we all knew when to come in. ...read more.

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