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The Ash Girl

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Drama Evaluation - The Ash Girl I could not find the necessary evaluation sheet for the ash girl, so I have used the sheet for Macbeth, but I believe that the questions are similar in context, and will try to include extra to compensate for parts that may not be specified otherwise. For our interpretation of the ash girl, we chose to focus on human characteristics, and what effects the 7 deadly sins would afflict them with. We chose this style of representation as the strong feature of the play is the illustration of the sins in the key characters, and why they cause certain events. To incorporate this into our piece, we acted as humans with strong features as their corresponding sins, we also included the qualities of the equivalent animals, in our intonation and presence. We felt that if we used the animalistic approach it may detract from the motif used in this piece, (the illustration of the sins in the key characters, and why they cause certain events). We used the original setting of the forest, but at the same time we tried to interpret a contemporary and simplistic approach from a very structurally complex piece, with many characters and ongoing ideas, themes and motifs. Our aims in particular, were to convey to the audience how the sins react with the characters to form a basis of understanding in context to the rest of the play. ...read more.


We subconsciously associate green with envy, and jealousy. Possibly because of many phrases heard, such as: "sick with envy" or "green with envy". We used these colours as lighting, so that when each character was introduced or had a significant part in the piece, we could create an aura to incorporate the theme, which in turn would strengthen our piece by helping the audience visually relate to the character. We also had decided to produce a forest setting with the lights, using a selection of plates and gel films, to create the illusion of a forest. We originally wished to use audio in our piece, out main aim was to create sounds of the forest, and also a selection of songs, which had a surreal and abstract feel to them, i.e.) some that were short listed were angel by massive attack, and a song by Iron Maiden. The use of a repeating bass line and no vocals in Angel would have not distracted the audience from the drama, and it was also a rather spooky, and very surreal song. We never got round to discussing which Iron Maiden song we might use, however in general, it would have added to the atmosphere of supernatural, as the sins are supernatural, abnormal creatures. ...read more.


I feel that my fear of performing since my last Macbeth practical, had made me nervous and caused a great lack of my confidence in acting this affected my flow of dialogue and also my mental attitude towards performing. To improve on this, I would encourage my group to attend regular rehearsals, and make sure that we have practiced thoroughly at least 3 times before doing our final assessed performance.. I was most pleased with the contemporary attitude we took to the piece. When many students are given opportunities to include various pieces of media, whether it be auditory or just lighting, I feel it can be abused, and when overused it detracts from the actual piece. I also believe that people may use it to cover blemishes. We chose this style to make the audience focus more on the dramatisation and the feel of the piece and its meanings. The factors, which affected the sucsess of the piece, were probably lack of proper rehearsals. We couldn't get enough practice from the time when we decided what styles we would choose. However I don't feel it affected the piece significantly. However there were prompts needed for a few members of the group, which did break the flow in some places but only slightly. If I had unlimited resources, I would have still remained with the same contemporary style, and would not have changed anything. However unlimited resources meaning time would be greatly appreciated. ...read more.

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