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The basic components of group dynamics as they relate to the process of decision-making and evaluates the implications of groups alongside personality choice.

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A classroom of mature students was split into two groups, one taking part as the discussion group and the others, the observers. This essay considers the basic components of group dynamics as they relate to the process of decision-making and evaluates the implications of groups alongside personality choice. A number of people can and will recognize how to use the persuasive plea especially if they are already dug in and ready to defend their position. A highly motivated and prepared person is very difficult to influence. This explains the most important point with credible intent. Whilst the opposite side might believe that a source is trying to alter them, they frequently react defensively. It is better to merely begin the persuasive statement without creating a big deal about it. Despite the fact that, there are important exceptions, you know that your audience will probably agree with most of what you will suggest, if you are looking for only small changes they may well begin thinking about things you want them to think about. In actual sense a "self-persuasion" procedure can begin. ...read more.


Some people in a discussion group are quite but are still able to get their point of view across in a quiet way. Past experiences may possibly come into play for some people in a discussion group and some strong signs on an emotional level can be displayed, I believe that maybe a person should not get emotionally involved in such situations. Nevertheless a personal level is usually used on a topic of an emotional nature, a few people draw from their past experiences. This occurred several times in our group discussion. To be most effective, using a two-sided point of view is useful, subsequently you will see people defend one side; and the opposite side attack. Different types of people can and perhaps will view stronger personalities as aggressive, this was definitely shown to be true in our group discussion. Sometimes people can appear to be aggressive but really are not of an aggressive nature; just that they perhaps are not quite as academic in getting a point across in a manner that people can understand, especially when it's a point on an emotional level. ...read more.


But if you show that same commercial lots of different times, more and more viewers will eventually begin to spot it for the first time. And yet if a meticulous viewer acknowledged that new ad the very first time, repeated viewings are still valuable. They allow the viewer to learn more about the ad and consider it more cautiously. In conclusion, group discussions are a good thing since they give people a chance to put across their own opinions and beliefs. Also they allow people to display their knowledge what's more it can improve levels of communication moreover, enhance critical thinking. This was shown to be true seeing that generally the above points occurred within the class discussion group on numerous occasions. I believe group discussions are always necessary; many different types of personalities should be able to take part in a discussion. However I believe it would have worked better if a leader had been nominated rather than a 'free for all' discussion. Furthermore it may have been more effective had the observers been allowed the chance to speak. Nevertheless, if the observation group had been allowed to partake in the discussion it would possibly have led to chaos. 1 1 Communication Skills Sue Allen Rosina Wallis Group Discussions 08/05/2007 1 ...read more.

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