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The beautiful lie.

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GCSE ENGLISH UNIT 2 Eva Chen January 04 THE BEAUTIFUL LIE Sam looked out the window of the plane as it flew over Beijing. The clouds merged into one another brown by the wind and they separated afterwards. This made him think about his mother and father. Now he needed to leave a home that provided him with warmth and had given him a sense of belonging, he needed to separate from his mother and father. When he thought about this, he couldn't prevent the tears falling his face. He didn't want to leave his home, which he had lived in for 21 years. Suddenly ray sunlight went through the clouds and shone on his face. Like the sunlight, he still had some hope even through this was the first time he had visited England. He could meet his brother who had been in England for 6 years. He was going abroad to study art in Cambridge. This was his entire dream. His friends admired him for his bravery in going abroad and at he can lucky to be able to afford it. Sam's brother-David went to Cambridge for his university 6 years ago. Then even though his family was not rich, his mother and father were teachers, but they the importance of education, they borrowed money from their relatives and friends to let their son study abroad. David didn't disappoint his parents. He always got the music awards from school. ...read more.


He knew that being alone in foreign country was not easy, when he thought about this; the tears ran down his cheeks. "Don't be sad, I know you miss mum and dad. But don't worry, I can look after you forever!" David stroked Sam's arm gently because even though Sam was 21 years old, he was still a child in David's eyes. They got in David's shabby old second-hand car, which was full of cigarette ends. However, Sam still felt so happy as he was curious about everything in this new country, where he was going to stay the next 3 years. "David, do you need to go to work today? Are you busy these days?" asked Sam. "Don't worry, today I took a day of, I will take you round the city, have a look at England OK?" " Thanks, David!" Sam nodded his head with a smile. The buildings in England were totally different. In China, the buildings were skyscrapers, but in Cambridge, most of the houses are very low and they have a very long history. There are lots of pigeons flying over the path. They were not afraid of people going near them, which would be a miracle in China. He really liked them because they reminded him something...(DESCRIBE THE COLOURS BUILDINGS RIVER, BRIDGES) In the first month of being in England, he was curious in every thing, as everything for him was new. ...read more.


It is just over there." The waitress suggested. "He's the singer of the theatre." Sam felt astonished when he heard The singers in the crowd backstage were is helter-skelter. Some of them were busy in make up. Some of them were looking for their costumes; some of them were worrying of remembering the lines... He looked at every one's face and eventually he can't find his brother. "Where is he, did he lie to me, no, no, he didn't. Why?" he kept asking himself. Suddenly he saw a very familiar back view. It's slim body carried peaty of heavy rolled steel to the part of the theatre, which was been dedicated. When he turned around, two un-moved status stood in the busy, crowd backstage for a while. Four eyes looked at each other, between them only had silent. Sam couldn't believe this, the slim stage labour in front of him is his brother, his guinea's, and artistic herotic brother. Sam ran away without saying anything... ............ " Thank you, thank you for giving me this best-grossing foreign film award." Said David Lee six years later in the Oscar award ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hilton hotel in Los Angeles. "Here, I need to thank for my parents and all the people who support me all the time. Especially for my brother who didn't bully me 6 years ago, that let me have the opportunity to learn and get the experiment in the theatre." He proudly went down the stage with tear in his eyes. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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