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The change in concentration and the rate of reaction.

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ANGER AND POLITENESS The Worst enemies that a person can have in this world can be found in the dark corners of one's own mind. Desire and anger are two of the worst enemies that one can have. When the desire is thwarted or denied, it turns into anger. However much people like to think they are provoked, in reality a person's anger is always his own creation. FREE YOURSELF FROM ANGER AND BE HAPPY ===================================== The origin of one's anger may be quite complicated but one thing is clear: that it has to be stemmed right at the beginning. If one takes the right measures at the first signs of an uncontrollable anger, one has hope. But if one lets the negativity subside, it will only get worse. ...read more.


It doesn't take over just one aspect of one's being; it takes the whole thing. Freedom from anger is a magnificent virtue. But to experience it, one has to go through layers of memory and association. But it can only happen naturally with each practice that you perform. For Example, The recitation of God's name will help in putting end to every bit of your anger that has become part of your being. Every spiritual practice that you will perform will help in removing a bit of the stigma of anger. A person who does nothing about his anger spends his life in hell, which simply means living with your own negativity. It can be subtle; you may think that you have only good thoughts. ...read more.


person doesn't believes in equality and is hardly polite with person he thinks are lower to him. One of the other cases when person is generally not polite is when he is doing back biting of someone. But back biting is one of the very cheap enemies of human which is sometimes a result of other enemy called jealous. If we learn to be polite then we will never be angry and we will never be jealous or do back biting of anyone. So with speaking polite we will achieve freedom from so many thieves of our mind. While writing this article I realized at how many places I myself am lacking. I shall try to improve on them and based on what I have studied I concluded that meditation is the best solution to improve on them. ...read more.

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