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The Dress

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The Dress The community contains a lot of different perspectives and views on what a perfect family life is. What is a perfect relationship between siblings? And how do you as a mother manage to create a good relationship between mother and daughter, and for that matter, daughter and daughter between? Do we manage to satisfy ourselves and the way we are living our family life, or do we all need some kind of an accept in life to manage living a perfect family life? What happens when our family life is torn apart? In the present society we are having problems being true to ourselves and our fellow human beings which often causes conflicts. This is exactly some of the main subjects the short story "The Dress", written by Julia Darling in 2006, is dealing with. We are thrown right into the story, where we are introduced to the daughter Rachel who is accusing her sister Flora for having stolen her new dress, bought for the occasion of their mothers' birthday. You could say that the relationship between Rachel and Flora is very common for sisters at almost the same age. ...read more.


As the dress was impossible to clean, she buried the dress in the garden. I think she did this for two causes, she couldn't bear to tell Rachel about what had happened and she acted like the old saying: "Out of sight, out of mind" The Mother in the story is represented as a mother being very careless about her daughters. She is not trying to solve the problems between her daughters as a mother should do. She seems to be very ignorant about the wellbeing of her daughters and in a way you could say that she is also being very ironic, it seems like she is aware of the unstable relationship between her daughters but she has in a way chosen to be discreet and careless about the problems. A discussion like this between her daughters is normal and there is nothing to be worried about. The mother is represented as being very calm and silent about the way she is living life, she does not want to take any chances and expects her daughters to behave in the best way. ...read more.


Although the structure seems a bit frustrating I think the structure of the story agree on the plot of the story. What happens when all the fronts of a perfect family disappears? What happens when family members start being unfaithful to each other and the only one to trust and believe in is yourself? What happens when you face what real life in fact is about? This is some of the themes the short story The Dress is dealing with. Rachel is having huge problems with the relationship to her sister Flora, but in the meantime Rachel and Flora are both struggling with their mother "trying" to sort things out. They are struggling with their mother, their mother who should take some kind of a responsibility to their own actions. In the end the mother suddenly faces the truth, and she is left alone in a big house where her daughters once lived. In this community a lot of girls are having big issues not only about the relationship among siblings but also about the relationship among mothers/parents. We have all individually needs to a perfect relationship between our families, but haven't we all got compulsory needs which require faithfulness, trust and stability among our fellow human beings? ...read more.

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