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The elements of drama

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The Elements Of Drama I am now going to talk about our piece of drama. We have being studying the topic anorexia for a couple of weeks now. In this piece of drama we have looked at and developed ideas and done some study about' Nervous Conditions'. In this extract a teenage girl has been living in England for a good amount of time and when she comes back to Africa she is finding it very difficult to adapt back to the life she had back in England. We decided to develop some of ideas based on the fact that we are working with people in Africa now. So the idea we have done is when the girl has come back to Africa and wont eat anything. ...read more.


The father (me) asks her to eat her dinner because she just sites there and acts as though she doesn't care. So the father (me) has a little go at her and her mother (Polly) tries to defend her. Then the brother (Umar) starts to back up his father by saying that she never eats at lunch. We done this so it shows that the brother and sister have not had such a decent relationship because he always tries to get his sister in trouble. We tried to make this piece as realistic as possible by showing the everyday relationship that some families have to put up with. Then this argument over Nyasha (Lily) not eating starts to carry on to our next scene. ...read more.


There is then a massive argument about how Nyasha (Lily) should respect her father (Me). We made this very realistic and tried to make it as violent as we possible could to show our audience that people have to put up with this in real life, not just in theater. So Nyasha decides to take her breakfast and eat it on the way to school. We show a different way of how our story is told because we tell it as we go along. We don't have a narrator because it would be to complicate so we made it easy to follow for our audience. We used monologues to show what our characters are thinking about. This gives a great deal of information to what will happen next. I.e. when the father is having is monologue about how he is going to approach the not eating situation showed it to the audience as to what he was going to do. ...read more.

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