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The Globe

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The Globe It was a hot summer day in 1602. I was only a young boy that didn�t know much of the world, but I had dreams. One of these dreams was to see a play at The Globe. The Globe was a wooden structure in the heart of London right next to the Thames. We lived pretty close, so every time a play was set up I could hear the audience cheer. Of course, if the play was bad they would boo, but that didn�t happen very often. This particular day the show "Hamlet" was to be preformed for the first time. The rumours said that this play was going to be something very special. It was written by a man called Shakespeare. ...read more.


The theater was so full that it looked like it could break apart anytime. When I looked up the walls of the big round building I saw the stands; only the rich people could afford to sit up there. Since the theaters were like a globe there were different status on the seats; the absolutely best ones was in the higher stand right in front of the stage(these seats were occupied by some of the richest people in London), the 2nd best seats were in the stand who were on the sides of stage. If only I was one of those rich people...but I was happy where I were. This was after all one of my most exciting moments of all time! A few minutes later everyone started to cheer - they wanted to see the play and they wanted to see it now! ...read more.


At this one moment - when I saw Shakespeare playing up Hamlet - I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. An acteur. I couldn�t possible imagine that there were anything in the whole world that I wanted more than to be in Shakespeare clothes! I looked around me and saw the exact same look as I had in many of the other poor people who were standing in the yard. Many dreams just like mine was pooring up in their minds right now at this moment. Shakespeare enchanted so many people with his breathtaking plays. When I got home for the evening I told all my friends about what I had seen. None of them believed me but they all had that jealous look on their faces that told the world that they really would want to have experienced the same things as I had this special evening.... ...read more.

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