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The Harder They Come

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Courtney Phillip The Harder They Come. This is my introduction on my essay about the issues in the play "The Harder They Come" and the themes it involves. The Harder They Come is a hard story about a young man called Ivan who had left the country and visited the city hoping to get a life of stardom. Ivan's story is a message telling you to go for your dream and never give it up; though Ivan went for his dream he went for it all the wrong way. The Harder they come is a strong story I believe showing that a lot of people will do anything and everything to achieve their dream. In this play Ivan turns to a life of crime to make his dream of becoming a star come true. When Ivan moves to the city he gets struck by reality when he realizes that becoming a star is not as easy as he thought it would be, he realizes that there is a lot of work that goes into becoming a star but he is still determined to carry out his dream. When Ivan is ask to join a choir he meets the love of his life Elsa who is the daughter of the church's preacher but because the preacher didn't agree with their love they keep their relationship secret from everyone until one day when the preacher figured out their relationship and banished them from the church. ...read more.


Unfortunately his fans weren't able to support him enough because just as the tension was getting high the trigger was pulled. Injured and in pain Ivan flees to his love. Elsa sees the wound and is terrified and doesn't know what to do but Ivan stays and is going to stay true till the end. Ivan wants Elsa to be safe so Elsa goes to her father and ask for help. The Preacher says that he would help Elsa by giving her food, shelter and money if she tells him where Ivan is Elsa is confused and doesn't know what to do. On one hand if she tells her father where Ivan's where about she can save their child and probably save Ivan but if she says nothing both her child and Ivan will die. Elsa has a big weight on her shoulders but she decides to tell her father where Ivan is. Once the Preacher found out where Ivan was Elsa was waiting for help but then found out that her father had no intention of helping and left her stranded with nothing. Elsa flees back to Ivan to warn him but she is scared because she feels as if she betrayed him. Ivan and Elsa spend try to spend their last minutes together until they hear the police and helicopters coming for Ivan, Ivan tells Elsa to run and save herself but she doesn't want to leave him she feels that they can still escape but Ivan ...read more.


I would say that the biggest influence and issue with the youth/teens of today is the parents. Depending on how the parents expresses and shows how they feel about their child it could change how the child sees life. If a parent gives the feel of not caring about the child and what they do that could cause the child to grow up thinking that nothing they do in life will be wrong and that they can what they want in life and never care. Where as if a parent shows that they care for the child by showing them affection and showing them the rights and wrongs in life the child is more likely to have a positive outlook on life and follow the right paths. Elsa had an issue in the story with her father where at first her father didn't support her choice of having a relationship with Ivan and her father abandoned her and then later in the story Elsa puts all her trust in her father to just end up having herself stabbed in the back. This probably left Elsa confused and not knowing who to trust in life. In conclusion a lot of teens, like Ivan doesn't think of the consequences for their actions before it becomes too late. Also a lot of today's youth take the wrong path and resort to the worse. ...read more.

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