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The House Of Bernarda Alba

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Drama Explain the significance of the opening scene and as a director explain what impact you would like the scene to have on the audience and how you would achieve this. The play 'The House of Bernarda Alba' is written by Frederico Garcia Lorca. In the opening scene the playwright uses many different techniques to create a dramatic effect for the audience. I have been asked to explain the impact I would like to create as a director and how I would achieve this. As a director I would want to create an important image straight from the beginning of the play, which I feel Frederico Garcia Lorca achieved extremely well. He created a simple picture however a very memorable one. Almost like a clinic and too clean is the impression the audience first get as the curtains pull up with the "very white room". This lets the audience know how obsessed Bernarda is with appearance and control. It also tells us how Bernarda feels the need to impress her neighbours constantly as she always wants to be the best and to control her daughters. ...read more.


She entered freely and without a care because there was nobody to give her into trouble for slouching or scuffing her feet. Poncia and the Maid then speak about Magdelena fainting and speak about her like she is pathetic and going to be alone now because her father was the only one she had. "She's the one who's going to be the loneliest", the Maid says with a tone that suggests she doesn't care about Magdelena. The two cleaners then begin to steal food from the cupboards of Bernardas house. "If Bernarda should see you" tells us that they are forbidden to do this and are being sneaky as they know Bernarda will not be worrying about food, only the funeral. The tone used by the Maid suggests how shocked and disguisted she was at Poncia stealing. Frederico Garcia Lorca added humor to this part of the scene as they were stealing from a widow. The movement they would make would be quiet and sly however the tone the use in their voice suggests they don't feel bad about what they are doing, just scared to get caught. ...read more.


Also as the maid was on the floor and Bernarda was standing, status was a clear image. She dominates the stage and then leads the prayers. Frederico Garcia Lorca created a contrast between the previous scene as is was slightly more laid back. The playwright caused the audience to be scared and worried about what Bernarda will so or say next. The next part of the scene which I consider to be important is when Bernarda asks Adela for a fan. Adela hands her Mother a coloured fan. This is the first mention of any colour so suggests Adela's character is bold and 'out there'. Bernarda is appauled at this and says "Give me a black one and learn to respect your Father's memory!". At this moment the Playwright wanted the audience to feel tense and shocked about how horrible the character of Bernarda is. He achieved this extremely well. To conclue, I feel that Frederico Garcia Lorca used techiniques to create tension in the audience. He achieved this well through good use of voice and movement. The audience were constantly thinking about what Bernarda will say and this is what he wanted to achieve. ...read more.

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