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'The house of the spirits' : How are the concerns of the novel embodied in the character of Esteban Trueba in Chaps. 1-3?

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Essay on 'The House of the Spirits' How are the concerns of the novel embodied in the character of Esteban Trueba in Chaps. 1-3 (Inclusive)? As the saying goes 'God sees everything even the black hole on the black rock in the blackness of night.' The novel 'House of the spirits' by Isabel Allende is about a person called Esteban Trueba, who spent his whole life conducting sins, a person who did things only for himself and a person who at the end was somewhat punished by God. Isabel Allende, a Latin American writer wrote this novel. However in the story Alba provides the overall viewpoint of the novel. Although the writer describes many characters in the story, she mainly focuses on Esteban Trueba's life. He is somewhat linked to every character in the story and so the role of each and every character does affect him. The introductory part of the novel gives us the idea of recording things and reclaiming the past. It touches every corner of the story, such as Clara's muteness, the idea of time moving with four generations, Clara's habit of writing everything in her book and how that book helps Alba to overcome challenges in her life. The story begins with Del Valle's family, Severo and Vivea as the parents of fifteen children, of whom eleven are alive. Rosa, the eldest of all the children in the family is described as a creature of myth, having green hair and yellow eyes, like a mermaid and who at birth was like a porcelain doll, without wrinkle, white and smooth. ...read more.


But as soon as Alba grow bigger and bigger she with Miguel, the person she loves starts participating in the protest for which she is kidnapped and is also raped by Esteban Garcia. Esteban Garcia is the grand son of Pancha Garcia, an India girl, who was also raped by Esteban Trueba during his stay in Tres Marias. So it is likely to be correct to say that Esteban Garcia takes the revenge for what Esteban Trueba did to his grandmother, but Alba decides not to take the revenge again because for her this is what she deserves being Esteban's granddaughter and this is what she is destined to be. Thus the story ends with the idea given in the beginning of the story that Clara's habit of writing everything even the unimportant things such as Esteban Trueba raping Pancha Garcia did help Alba to accept her fate and also to over come the challenges she faced in her life. Although Isabel Allende, as a female writer wrote the story relating the three main female characters, Clara, Blanca and Alba with a male character Esteban Trueba, she also creates a repeating male voice of Esteban Trueba in the story. This first person narration in the male voice of Esteban Trueba does helps him to defend himself and to win the sympathy of the readers by telling the hardships he went through to develop Tres Marias as a patron and how much does he loves Clara. ...read more.


For Esteban Trueba a good name was so much important that he gives Jean de Satigny a huge amount of dowry for marrying Blanca and a monthly inheritance for giving his name to Blanca's child. These things obviously show that the high social rank is very important for the society and moreover for Esteban Trueba in the story. Though Isabel talks about many characters in the story such as Blanca, Alba, Pedro Tercero, ferula ect. There are three main female characters that she directly links with Esteban Trueba. These three main characters, which are Rosa, Clara and Pancha are the one who begins the story, who leads the story and ends the story. Although Rosa and Pancha Garcia's role are mentioned only in the beginning, they play very important role in the story. It is actually Rosa's death that led the story to begin and Pancha Garcia's role, which led the story to its completion. Regarding Clara, she is the most important person in Esteban's life but in the story she is not actively involved, that is because of her character, as she is always in her own world. To conclude, personally I found this novel quite interesting because for me it is likely to say that the theme is very real kind, that for me it seems we humans also come across the same kind of difficulties in our life like what Alba and the other characters in the story has faced. The theme, that tells us to tolerate things and to accept your fate like Alba, to be as kind as Clara and Jaime and not conduct sins like Esteban Trueba. -Tenzin Deckyi IB Ist year ...read more.

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