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the language of performing arts

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The Language of Performing Arts "The thing about performance, even if it's only an illusion, is that it is a celebration of the fact that we do contain within ourselves infinite possibilities" Performance studies is about exploring how dance, drama and music interlink through the use of common language, as well as acknowledging that each art form has many elements that are unique to it. The language of performing arts is an essential range of vocabulary employed by writers, performers and directors to effectively convey the various stages and processes, in which all aspects of the theatre must participate, in order to produce a successful presentation. I have always thought that performance is about showing situation/emotions that others can only dream about, when acting you are living/creating the life, if only for a moment of infinite number of possibilities. The Idea of creating a performance for an audience fires my imagination. "Performance is a variety of visual arts and other disciplines, within these performances you are able to build on existing practice and preoccupations to undertake a creative research project, which explores any aspect of the visual language of performance" (Spolin .V). ...read more.


Characterisation is extremly important across all the performing arts, by allowing an actor to convey their emotions, and dancer creating physical expression through their movements and a musicain to toy with the audieces imaginations. The second art form was music; the stimulus for this section was 'Circus'. The aim of the group was to create a piece that represented and expressed different acts entering the circus. As in the drama section, we discussed our immediate ideas on the stimulus in order to begin our initial composing that would contribute to our final composition. So we began to consider the elements of the circus: clowns, elephants, lions, ringmaster etc. We then discussed how each element could be brought to life and developed through various layers of sound. The key is the performance process, which is a common language that crosses the arts and consists of improvisation, rehearsing and performing as a way of devising performance material. Improvisation is to compose or create something without preparation. Improvisation is spontaneous, a time to discover and play with new ideas. ...read more.


Viola Spolin once noted that 'Improvisation is the openness of contact with the environment and with each other'. We began to separate into smaller groups, we were to experiment and devise with various instruments, objects from the environment and even each others bodies and voices to express the nature of the acts. For example when considering the lions, the group decided to use a pipe and a human voice to illustrate the sound of the lions roar as they enter. Also to rattle chains and use a whip to show they are dangerous as they have to be controlled. To go behind this the group decided that a low pitched, relatively fast tempo melody on the piano should be used to add the idea of fear and chaos. To portray the act of the tight rope walker, we used bells; the high pitch represents the height at which the tight rope walker had to balance and by pausing every few seconds to engage the audience in the tight rope walkers facial expressions, this created tension and suspense. Francesca Cox 11AG Mrs Young Drama ...read more.

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