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UNIT 1PORTFOLIO-"THE LITTLE GIRL EATER":EVALUATIVE PHASE I was most pleased with my own unique style and how it influenced the group to make the drama piece feel as if the audience were more part of it even though my part was not originally a very significant one it became a vital encouraging role but not overpowering contribution to the non-naturalism was probably the most noticeable as I am highly enthusiastic about performing them as it can be ridiculously surreal and still captivate the audience seriously though without the lighting it would seem inappropriate and we were supposed to have to perform without lighting or sound. I thought my narration flowed at the correct pace which is unlike my usual self as normally I rush speaking long lines and mumble which is how I normally speak anyway but I have to concentrate to speak loudly and clearly because normally people can understand when I am just talking to them because I am not talking from distance and a lot of people and I am hopeless at consciously making the effort of speaking louder. ...read more.


Jake worked the Lighting box for us and he carried it out with exceedingly high standards specially as it was his first attempt ever at lighting in a lighting box. We did not use costume in the final performance, however though we did have some good ideas such as for Paul Mason we were going to have milky blue contact lenses and white robes for an eerie appearance because he is a spirit returning from the dead, for everyone else It think it would be appropriate to have a black base with maybe a few casual accessories like hats and belts but something different for Miranda that would show that she was the only one who could see the ghost, which would of have created an effective contrast. The other groups' performances were all fantastic. It was very clear that everyone contributed metaphorically "heavily" into their performance. I can't remember the group but I can remember that there was a marvellous exploration of the topic of finding a long lost family and the emotions that come with them; quite often trauma, confusion and recklessness. ...read more.


their performance was great fun to watch as they had not had time to polish and improve still managing a captivating atmosphere the lighting was also timed in an appropriate manner after some difficulties at the start with a loose connection to one of the wires in the lighting box. This Unit of "The Little Girl Eater" has affected my way of looking at others' needs and how they are sometimes more important then mine even if they seem not to be and that I should be considerate to others welfare unless they take it for granted in which case I would leave them be as they do not deserve any help what so ever. I have also found that usually there is logic beneath everything even if it seems unjustifiable. I learnt that revenge should be dealt with careful precautions and that when dealing it to consider their state of mind at the time to the state of mind they are in now, also would they change what they had done if they could? would be a good question to ask yourself, also to remember how it made you feel and that you are just as bad as them if you do to them as they have done to you. ...read more.

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