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The part that I performed was Rosie in The Cuckoo Sister. Before I write about that performance I will look at another piece that I studied called Skungpoomery.

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GCSE DRAMA - WORKING NOTEBOOK - COURSEWORK 2 Introduction The part that I performed was Rosie in The Cuckoo Sister. Before I write about that performance I will look at another piece that I studied called Skungpoomery, as this was my starting point in terms of looking at ways of developing a character and using space within a rehearsal process. 1. Analysis of the Artworks Skungpoomery - Textual Analysis This is a comedy and uses two stereotypical characters as the basis for the humour. There is a weak and easily dominated son and a formidable and dominant mother. We did a visualisation exercise and I view the mother (Mrs Wibble) as a big, strong woman with a loud, deep and powerful voice, but who moves in a quick, efficient manner. I imagine her son (Nicholas Wibble) walking with his head down, a tall, skinny man with a quiet little voice. Imaging how the character is and what kind of person they are was useful in the performance process because I could get into character and see how the character would move and talk. The characters appear very stereotypical. The mother thinks her son is still a little kid "Nicholas! You little fibber! We both got those sandals at Clarks and we both looked down the X-ray machine together and we both saw that you had plenty of room in those sandals Nicholas!" and "Kiss please. ...read more.


She answers the iron, holding it next to her ear.). Hello? Hello? Yahhhhhhhhh!" This wouldn't have the same impact if another object was used. I developed my ideas for the set as I read through the text and decided what was needed, even though some items were not referred to directly. This can be seen in a few instances. Mrs Wibble: "(She leads him my his tie to the bowl and cloth)" SINK. Mrs Wibble: " Butter! Get the butter, Nicholas!" Wibble: Oh yes, here you are. (He shoves a full round soft marge pack onto his Mum's ear. They tie the pack to her ear with a scarf.) FRIDGE. Images of Characters I was given two photographs to look at to help me develop my role in The Cuckoo Sister. They were both pictures of a family with one young child. The first picture I looked at had a man, a woman and a child in a hug, appearing very happy. They look like a very close family, because they are holding each other quite tightly. I think Rosie would have felt like an outsider if this was her family. The second one has 2 men (one looks older, like a grandad) a woman and a child. They look as if they are out for a walk, enjoying themselves, as they are all smiling and playing with the child. There doesn't appear to be anything missing from these two groups of families. ...read more.


Props, such as Cd player, clothes, teddies, hairbrushes and Cds were used to make the set look more realistic. For my costume, I wore jeans, and a hoody top, which are the clothes that I would expect a street wise girl of thirteen to wear. There were clothes all over the floor, like a typical 11/13 year olds girls' bedroom. The final performance I feel that the final performance went reasonably well, but there was room for improvement. I felt that I could have shown more emotion, as Rosie was an emotional character. The bedside table also looked like it had too much stuff on it to be effective. One of the things that was successful was us both talking in different types of accent to make us sound like we were from different classes. I feel that the set worked very well and that the set design looked like a 11/13 year olds bedroom. The colours worked well, the wall posters were appropriate and the props fitted in well. It had the desired effect. Our performance was the last one to be seen, and I feel that if it had been in the first few we would have got more of a reaction from the audience. I think one of the things I would improve if I did the performance again would be to add some of my own dialogue into it. I would also have more actions around the stage and make it more realistic in the things I do. The final improvement would be to perform with more emotion. Alice Williams 11Y2 1 ...read more.

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